Wednesday, April 29, 2009

iSwear To Jobs

Fair fracking dinkum... How fucked is my iPhone?

I am playing a Sudoku game *WHILE IT IS PLUGGED IN TO MY LAPTOP AND THEREFORE CHARGING* yet the battery still runs down faster than it can be charged and so the thing turns off in the middle of the game.

Is this right?

Is this normal?

Is this what you would expect of an electronic device in the modern age?

Or is this totally crazy bullshit?


SingTel refuse to give me my money back.


In completely unrelated news I have an iPhone 3G for sale, excellent condition, hardly usable, I mean hardly used.



Anonymous said...

I know someone who's thinking of getting a 2nd hand iPhone. But is yours tied to the singtel sim card? it's too much of a pain to have to constantly unlock the phone whenever you want to put a new sim card in whilst traveling.

Lost in Melbourne said...

I am not going to make any comment about that brand and your compatibility again.

But good luck with the sale.

savannah said...

i just read something about knockoff iphones being the latest new thing in the far east. is it possible, you might have one? i'll lok for the article and forward it, sugar. xoxxoo

expat@large said...

VPS: keep me in mind.

Scott: I'm thinking of paying the man and getting my 2G iPhone up and running, selling the 3G and looking for something else.

Sav: Surely the venerable Government of Singapore wouldn't sell its constituent Foreign Talent a piece of copy crap? (Singapore STARTED as a socialist country, America is only just about to try it with nationalized banks and car manufacturers, I realize)

Anonymous said...

Would it need to be unlocked everytime a different sim is put in? The person who wants to buy it travels a fair bit, and gets a new sim whenever he is overseas for more than 2 weeks. Which is quite the norm. Pardon my ignorance on how the iPhone works.

expat@large said...

VPS: yes, like any roaming phone they're cheaper with a local SIM card, particularly for data, like intergneck and emu. In fact the iPhone charges seem to be higher than for my old Nokia 3G (which worked but I couldn't hear on it). The only two things I got the iPhone for were a) louder speaker and b) so I wouldn't have to carry my iPod or iRiver everywhere... but for b) the iPhone3G battery is so pisspoor I still have to bring the iPod.

HairyDonut said...

Erm can I just point out that if the phone is still charging, then it hasn't got very much battery energy in it? If you're using the battery at a rate higher than the phone can recharge it, then it would run down and switch itself off.

expat@large said...

HD: erm, pregnant are we? Hormonal neuronal suppression? Isn't this comment, like, a para-phrasing of my blog post?

Just for that you're going to have to sit next to me on the bus on Sunday and listen to me snore all the way to Genting.

-- Yes folks, Smoot, E@L and Gar The Pitiless are putting it all on 31 Black for a long weekend at the WORLD'S LARGEST AND UGLIEST HOTEL in the casino resort, karaoke pit and child minding complex of Genting Highlands, Malaysia!

Unknown said...

This is too late but i found switching of all the push mail and auto fetching made a big difference for me. Still only a day and a half life (max 2) but better than the half day I was getting b4.

Istvanski said...

I'm told that Apple will release a new iPhone in June/July.
Careful, You could end up with three of the feckers.

Unknown said...

Yeah, the battery is the weakest link with any of the iPhones. My Nokia 3G had piss poor battery performance too until I turned most of the 3G stuff off.'d only have to unlock it one time. Then you can use any SIM any where. About the only complication is you have to set up data to use different networks when swapping. It should generally just work but you might have to dink with the settings (e.g. my old T-Mobile SIM needs to be tweaked because it's not a 3G SIM).

expat@large said...

Miyu: turns out I had WiFi on in the background. Even so, holy fuck.

Istvan: Ist vat I em effred of heppning!

Jay: my 3G Nokia was fine and my 2G iPhone battery life was fine, which is why I bit the bullet to buy the 3G fecker! I saw an add for the latest LG. Any comments. Should I STFU and wait for Windows Mobile 7?

knobby said...

poor smoot! shame on you, e@l. so what if she forgot the second sentence of your post by the time she got to the last one.

wifi eats the battery life like crazy. turn it offoffoff unless you're actually using it. 3G too, i think, but much less so.

i get immense battery life from my E71 because i tend to click links to long long pages on my web browser and turn off the wifi immediately after the page loads.

did someone actually say "far east"??

Momentary Madness said...

Just like the credit rip-off- everything you buy no is "made in china," so to spek or as we used to say in the auld days.
They have us hooked up to an inferior consumer world. We're rightly fucked.
Could be worse, it could be your dialysis machine.

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