Friday, April 10, 2009

Water Sign

Yes, yes, yes, I am Cancerian, the crab: a water creature. A surfer, a swimmer, a beach person. There doesn't have to be surf any more, I'm way past that, with my physique, but I do like beaches for holidays.

No, I am not a crowd person, though they don't freak me out if I have to suffer them. I am not good by myself either, not for long periods.

So, chatting benignly with bar-girls, as there are no Charisma Cards taken here at CocoLoco, when the crowd winds down, that is fine.


Went for a swim this morning.

The water has a thin pale-green seaweed (below) infestation that is thickly rolling though the first few yards from the shore, lying like damp cotton on the high-tide mark of the sand (as you can see above, photo taken yesterday afternoon at low tide - no smell either, thankfully).

But wading out beyond that, it is crystalline. I can see the creases on my toes from neck-high water. And the temperature (at least in the morning at high tide) is PERFECT. Refreshing, cool but not chilly: man, it's a paradise. This water is what people should come here for (which of course is why they do, mostly).

I've never experienced such a delightful swim in 50 years, swear. It was stunningly nice. I couldn't help smiling, sun-glasses on as I floated in the gentle water, despite the hassles getting here, despite the crowds of Easter, despite the thumping music at the Telco companies' on-beach booths touting cheap phone-cards (must get one).

You know, sometimes, the water is too cold (southern Australia), or it's so warm it's not refreshing (Railay Beach), or too salty, the sea-breeze is too strong, or the sand doesn't squeak enough, the Germans have all their beach-towels in your spot, or the water is murky (Pattaya and Hua Hin), or has lumps of human excrement in it (the Bondi cigar!), or the horse-flies come and sting your arse (13th Beach), or you've practically had to absail down a 200ft cliff to get there (Gisbson Steps @ the 12 Apostles) or you've got such a sunburn from the last few days you can't get out of the room without an ambulance trolley...

The clarity, the temperature, the low salinity. 100%. Apart from that algae, the water is as pure as the second and third day of creation...

Hey, rereading Genesis, the big G seperated the "waters above from the waters below". That must mean heaven is a beach, right? Maybe I'm right there, where it could once have been.



Indiana said...

And sand so soft it resembles flour and squeaks when you walk ~grin~

Lost in Melbourne said...

You lucky bugga!

I only wish the water down at Wilson's Prom was that temp and clarity. The location and backdrop certainly work, just not the spanner water.

On the recent trip down there my Thai friend said I had large nipples for a man. I told her the water was a little colder than Pattaya. I should have thrown her it to get the measure her nipples under those conditions...

savannah said...

sweeeeet! xoxox

expat@large said...

Indy: actually, no squeak! But still fine.

Scott: as if! Wilson's Prom almost gets as cold as down Port Campbell way. Re: nipples, no comment.

Sav: indeeeeeed... XXX

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