Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ultraphone / Ultraman!

Now THIS is the phone I should have bought!

If I was showing this to a customer, their first question would be, "Does it do 3D?"

I guess I'll be doing crap ultrasound scans on my iPhone for a living next.


Meanwhile, I'm up at a fairly quiet demo on the East coast of Malaysia, monkeying around with the locals of Kuantan, putting up with the glare of sunrise over the ocean as I eat my breakfast..

There's this jungle/beach walkway down from my hotel that wraps around some rocky headland which is a pleasant 15 minutes stroll. They've built this rickety looking bicycle fun-path near it, but the monkeys are all over the place, tearing down the plastic bunting, having a ball. When a couple of kids went down on mountain bikes, the monkeys skittered out of the way in plenty of time. Obviously they're used to it.


2 fitness (or lack thereof) related things. I have decided to set myself an exercise goal. 500kms in 10 weeks. Approximately my birthday. On the cycle in the gym (any gym!), if I cycle for 20 minutes I usually get about 10km done. So that's 50 trips to nowhere x 20 mins. 5 times per week! Or if I push myself (fight off the boredom) to 30min trips, even fewer. Already up to 9.4 kms (this cycle has a dodgy seat, couldn't go fast). Woo-hoo!

Also, instead of doing laps in the pool I swam up the beach yesterday, 10 minutes this way 10 minutes back. That was nice, but the water is a bit cloudy with a dark algae. Temperature was warmer than the Philippines, almost too warm.

Really, I know it all ain't much by you athelete persons, by if I can just get a routine going I know I can get back into those troosers of three years ago (when the Mouse was feeding me proper food and telling me to go to the gym). Izzy tries to motivate me (not cook for me!), but it's when I'm travelling that I've gotta lift my game a lot more.

The hotel, and the beach in front of it, from the rocky promontary. Hardship posting again, what?

(Sorry for the crap blurry photos, it's the iPhone in low light.)



Istvanski said...

Those critters remind me of Gibraltar's Barbary apes.
I'm loving that crooked pathway and would love to try it - I've just blogged a cycle related post over on mine.
Good luck with the exercise, your iPhone will surely help with the boredom.

rambeaux said...

That bike path looks like it would be great fun until someone impales their face on a pole - which, judging by the tape, are there for safety...

expat@large said...

Now, when I was younger and foolish you might have seen grab a two-wheeler go down that bike path... with the inevitable impalement. We used to go skateboarding (on old concrete wheeled boards) down the rolling hills above Queens Park (Geelong) at night, by the light of somebodies' cars, after getting pissed at The Diggers. If it was a Friday, the survivors would drive down to Port Cambell to go surfing. I kid you not.

Momentary Madness said...

I've got 8.1 mp on my phone and your photos are better. I think I was ripped off or more like I'm an idiot- the latter, say it.
Nice place too.

savannah said...

i like your scenery better than mine today, sugar! *sigh* good workout plan...i am inspired by your determination! to think about doing something, of course. xooxxox

Anonymous said...

You need motivations to keep the fitness goals going, so go find a gym with lotsa cute chicks in it! :D

rambeaux said...

Those hills are, like, 45°!

expat@large said...

MomMad: you're an idiot. Happy? <8-)

Sav: scenery weas nice, but by god it's a boring town. Determination! until I had those chocky bickies and that burger...

Dude: I'd only get depressed as hunky guys picked them up.

Rambeaux: not the main roads, up in the suburbs, a bit down from St Joeys.

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