Saturday, April 04, 2009


No.1 Son and his girlfriend are in Singapore for a few days, staying, natch, at E@LGHQ.

Won't that be nice?

Will try not to smother him too much with annoying parental love. Will probably fail, shortage of any type of love expression opportunities at E@L's place of late. And he is such a brilliant (soooooo fracking smart), lovable kid (oops, man). And I'm very proud of him... did you know that?

We're doing the Ritz buffet on Sunday. Champagne, oysters, foie-gras, 50 types of French cheeses...

Other than that, not sure what else there is of interest in Singapore. I've been 5 years and haven't found much else of note.



expat@large said...

Ha ha, spoke too soon. Already we found a new shopping mall at the back of VeloCity (old Novena Sq) called UE Sqaure2. It's a little Korea plus other stuff. Nat bought me a Korean BBQ burner and hotplate and we got sliced frozen meats and squid from the Marinades & Meat place plus some genuine bulgogi marinade and dipping sauces form the Korean supermarket! Excellent! Beer and kimchi by the pool on Mon or Tues!

Momentary Madness said...

I'm never in or try to be busy when "they" call around.
They can't help me, and I'm in absolutely no position to help them.
They think I don't love them; (whatever that means) it's back to help them, every-which-way I look at it.

I dread the consequences I guess.
I'm out of here- see you later.

Momentary Madness said...

Don't I look like someone you've seen before.
Well you haven't, It's just my star quality;-)

I've decided to come clean.
This is me revealed today.

expat@large said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
expat@large said...

MM: touched a button there did I?

I struggle not to make a fool of myself by trying to too hard, or to seem selfish by not trying hard enough. Best if I just try to be myself, whoever that is.

No.1 son just smiles and shakes his head at my tomfoolery these days.

Dick Headley said...

Show him your cool gadgets. Talk Twitter. All will be forgiven.

Istvanski said...

Sentosa Island - even if he's already been.
Everyone loves the giant butterflies!

expat@large said...

So Expensive Nothing TO See Actually.

I had my birthday there last year at Cafe D'el Mar, he came up for that.

expat@large said...

DH: I got told off only once. Debunking organised religion requires a different argument to that of the non-existence of God. I shouldn't mix the two up.

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