Saturday, April 18, 2009

Show My Brickies' Cleavage? Go To Jail!

Holy mother of god, people object to the strangest things. Now all those bikinis clad ladies in Boracay are fine, but low-slung jeans are a criminal offence?

And you wonder why the American jails are crammed, you wonder why an underclass of criminals develops, you wonder why kids hate adults, why there is racial mistrust... Don't the lawmakers in these places have anything better to do?

I suppose the logic is this: the kids wearing these low-slung jeans must be in gangs; Gangs are bad; Put the people in low-lung jeans in jail; That will stop gangs.

Wrong! Jail, for a being a fashion victim? That's where the gangs breed you stupid people. And by putting these kids in jail you reinforce their self-image as bad-ass criminals, plus you radicalize them as genuine criminals because they've been in jail, hey! Not to mention exposing them to drugs, sexual and non-sexual violence and gang behaviour that happens in prisons.

I mean, really, have you ever heard of anything so stupid?

Oh yes, we're in Singapore, of course you have.


(Another hat-tip to Alvin Lim - who doesn't blog anymore but just pumps great stuff onto FB like you wouldn't believe..)

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Alvin said...

Blogging is so last year. :/

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