Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Checking In

Typical Boracay Day for E@L: breakfast, lie on beach-lounge under umbrella, swim*, lie on beach-lounge, have one hour massage, swim, lie on beach-lounge, swim, have iced-coffee for lunch, go back to hotel to avoid the sunshine and lie on couch in-room and nap, wake up, read books and blogs, maybe spend 30 minutes on cross-trainer in gym (maybe), go for happy hour beer somewhere, take photos of sunset, walk to d'Mall (shops area) and fight with cash-machine, have another happy hour beer in Hobbit House, decide on dinner, have another beer (or Pinocolada) with dinner, feel giddy due to alchohol and meds fighting it out, go back to hotel to lie down and watch TV, fall asleep until it all starts again...

The sunsets are usually exceptional (can't believe I wrote that, but it's true), with the big red ball being swallowed directly into the sea. Tonight was a tad boring as those few clouds blocked the actual setting, although I caught the sailboats going past, and the dragon-boat crew practicing.

The meds are making me ssssoooo dopey. So I am probably not taking full advantage of the place by going on boat trips and scuba-diving tours, etc... but you know... Doing nothing is pretty much what I do best.

I have snorkelled out a little bit from the beach but there are very few fish here - it certainly ain't the Andaman where the tropical fish practically attack you for attention - only a couple of sea urchins out in about 12-15 feet of water. Just deep enough for water to be pressured up into my ears when I went down to check them out, only for the water to drip out my Eustachian tubes unannounced later in the evening.


Lay on my back on the beach the other night before the full-moon came up, shielding my eyes from the party restaurant lights (and my ears from the sales-tout) to look at the stars (yes, character in Benjamin Black novel, why do we always see the Big Dipper no matter where we are?) when I notice one of the stars(!) moving along at quite a cracking pace. Plane? High altitude bird in one of the spotlights? Nope.

Almost certainly a satellite. Cool.


* includes in-ocean urination while floating on back staring at the blue, blue sky.


Skippy-san said...

A steak, a beer and and a blow job
( and not necessarily in that order)-now that's the way to start a vacation.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous.:(

Dick Headley said...

And the novel?

savannah said...

how long do y'all get to enjoy this delirious adventure, sugar? xoxox

expat@large said...

Skip: Charisma Card not accepted. :-(

VPS: just need you here with me... (then wouldn't need Charisma Card either!)

MomMad: well he is a Harvard lawyer, like I think I have said before. You can't expect too much too soon, the Mil-Ind-Com is the only thing holding the country together.

DH: I've read it. (x5)

Sav: packing my bags as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Well the next time you go, tell me! :P

expat@large said...

VPS: deal.

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