Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Doc Is Getting Creative

This Is Serious Mum, those good old Essendon boys

E@L is actually on the drug that killed Heath Ledger, the drug that got Rush Limbaugh in a spot of bother, was Bill Burrough's bug powder of choice for a while there, was Mrs Cobain's attempted ticket out of her hole, etc... OxyContin. That's oxy C.O.N.T. in. And it's not oxytonin, which is what makes uteruses contract and cervixeses dilate during childbirth.

A trip to his Interzone neurologist, who E@L thinks may be a friend of Dr Benway, has him off the Cymbalta again, so hopefully his prostate and surrounding organs will slowly start to reappear and work properly eventually (to OT's great relief), although E@L is not holding his... breath.

So new bug powder has been ordered and ingested, including the OxyContin, which is fairly fucking strong stuff, and E@L feels mighty fine despite only being on a very low dose. Might just sleep now if that's OK... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... OK, awake again...

Oh, yeah and some other new anti-epilepsy drug call Topiramate to reduce inter-neuronal transmission - hence reduce nerve pain - which gives pretty amazing dreams. Very detailed, ultra-realistic dreams, a bit like the first time he took the double dose of Lyrica last year, but not spooky or nightmarish, just super high-resolution.

The big question: Will this combination reduce the foot pain? Answer, as yet undetermined. There is still some Cymbalta in the system and we know that one does work, despite its horrible side effects.


Let's ride the drug rollercoaster one more time and see what's next in the fun park of E@L's life.



marke said...

hmmm - oxytocin? ... is what makes uteri contract and cervi contract (and nipples express milk!) .... (oxytonin?) (yeah I know, sorry... )

marke said...

oooops ...cervixes DILATE ...I mean

expat@large said...

Mark: dude, obviously you're not on the same drugs as E@L.

(And hey, no need to apologize for having no sense of humour..., we sympathize!

OK, I admit it, the 'oxtonin' was a genuine frug indiced typo.)

expat@large said...

Mark: :-)

expat@large said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

when's the party. I'll bring my drugs along too.

Dick Headley said...

Now look what you've done....she's back.

expat@large said...


Tom: just don't breathe on me.

DH: be afraid, be very afraid...

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