Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Pics Quickly

Where I sat, mostly.

The supermarket where I shopped.

Where I ate.

Sunset again. It happens, like, every day round this time.

Then the lights come on.

And it looks more like this.

OK, gotta go, packing to leave... :-(



Momentary Madness said...

I am glad you're getting out of there it's too perfect looking.
Time to get back to disorder, riots, civil unrest threatening livelihoods and such that is reality;-)
Welcome back to the machine.

savannah said...

you poor darling! xoxo

expat@large said...

MomMad: did I forget to mention that beers were about $0.70, AND two for one at happy hour? (Unfortunately, on my meds I really couldn't take much advantage of that.)

There's no civil unrest in Singapore! It's been bred out of us. Well it's certainly no mention of it in the local paper (propaganda rag).

I WAS in that Pattaya Hotel the other week for my conference, the Hotel that the Red-Shirts occupied and forced the summit meeting to be cancelled. They were probably miffed at how far the had to walk to find a toilet, I remember I was.

Sav: hardship posting, what can I say? Up to coastal Malaysia next week. This one is work, though.

rockstar69 said...

No sympathy here bunkie!!

Just raging jealousy although it seems that my last two attacks of renal colic have come while in or immediately after visiting Asia. Mmmmmmm!!

Anonymous said...

Good place to retire, nonetheless. :D

expat@large said...

Rocky: stop blaming me for your kidney stones - it's merely coincidence! And beer.

Dude: there would be better places to retire. Too freaking hot! And then comes the storms each year. You wanna buy my place in Noosa Heads?

rockstar69 said...

Blaming you!!!

Not at all. Just that dehydrating Asian heat and their beer!!

Anonymous said... cheap 2,000 baht? :P

Skippy-san said...

No bars-no women?

expat@large said...

Dude: in that ballpark...

Skip: 100% family place. No Charisma Card accepted. Must bring your own from Makati or somewhere.

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