Friday, May 01, 2009

Frightening Disorders Of The Arse

Another frightening disorder of the mind involves suspending your entire bodyweight onto a small projectile of rubberised material placed between the creases of your already tenderised perineum (a period of gym cycle abuse) for several hours in the freaking hot noon-day sun of an equatorial island and traversing vasts tracts of stupidity on two circular momentum devices of independent directional goals in search of lunch somewhere at the end of a crowded insanity.

Freaking 2 hours and 20kms (we had children with us) or so, with a bicycle seat trying to fuck me up the bum. We are calling this fun are we?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... (hysterical laughter until *cut*)


Highpoint of the trip - I caught the 7 year old using my iPhone to sneak photos of her underpants. She thought this was hilarious. I could just imagine trying to explain THOSE photos to the Judge...

REAL highpoint of the trip - lunch at Cafe @ Changi. Very nice fish and chips, steak sandwiches.

OTHER real highpoint of the trip - the beer I had after gettting OFF the bike with the knowledge that I didn't have to get back ON!


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Istvanski said...

Perhaps you should consider some type of rowing exercise? Your arse will thank you for it.

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