Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Is Not A Drill!


Just a liddle surrealism joke there for you folks to ponder upon, or not. The pun has always amused me. But that's just me. Liddle pit bissed here in Singapore... OK, I should go to bed now... Night.


Momentary Madness said...

I know a little German.
His name is Ingo, he's 5'2"
Time I went to bed too I guess;-)

savannah said...

i need to keep drinking, obviously, i very far behind the likes of all y'all! xoxoxo

(sweet dreams, sugar)

Indiana said...

It's not a drill ~grin~ That's right, there is no practice, no do-overs, its just a one shot deal.

And for the record, I am feeling very hung-over today ~ouch~

Unknown said...

Found Izzy's missing vibe did we? Hammer drill time! Guess I ought go to bed too.

expat@large said...

MomMad: umm, pass.

Sav: the cold light of day and I'm WTF?

Indy: exactly.

Jay: 10/10 for memory.

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