Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Don't Understand Singaporean Law

If you're going have the death penalty, use it for people who really deserve it.

Like this fucking prick:

AN UNEMPLOYED man repeatedly punched the face and slammed the head of his girlfriend's three-year-old son against the door frame, causing him to suffer a head injury.

For three days, Firdaus Abdullah, 27, turned his rage on Muhammad Izzul Salihin Muhammad Farzid whenever the boy cried.

On the day he slammed the boy's head, he had also grabbed, shaken and bit his genitals. Two days earlier, he had forcefully hit the child's head with his fist when he kept crying and refused to let him towel dry him.

The boy was certified brain-dead on Jan 18 last year - four days after he was taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital where he died. He was found with multiple injuries of varying ages on his face, head, trunk, limbs, abdomen, genitals and back. There was widespread bleeding in the eyes.

Firdaus was originally accused of murder, but was subsequently charged with causing grievous hurt and ill-treating the child between Jan 12 and 14 last year.

Result? Seven years and 12 strokes of the cane.

Only seven years? For having the mind of a gorilla? This is heart in your throat brutality... Hand me that fucking cane, I'll show the low-life scum what he deserves for treating a child like that... Monster.



A 29-YEAR-OLD Ghanaian has been handed the mandatory death penalty for trafficking in 2.6kg of cannabis.

Chijioke Stephen Obioha was convicted and sentenced on Tuesday by the High Court, following a 21-day trial which stretched from February to September last year [21 days? Check your calendars? E@L]. Under Singapore's drug laws, the trafficking of more than 500g of cannabis attracts the mandatory death sentence.

On April 9, 2007, officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) trailed Obioha as he left his rented Choa Chu Kang flat in a taxi for a Geylang hotel.

Dead... for a coupla big bags of dope, about what your average Sydney 20-something suburbanite bong-monkey chuffs through in a 3-month or so.

Man, I could have used that dope for some really nice medicinal purposes!

Yes, yes, I know marijuana is not harmless, but neither is alcohol, neither is tobacco. Neither is that horrible Oxycontin.

Anyway, this cock up in the morally consistent application of the death penalty here in Singapore strikes me as just plain wrong. I am not a big revenge person, at least I've never considered myself to be (though I am human, and would no doubt conform to the patterns, just as you would, despite your protests), but the way mothers let step-fathers get away with this just so they can have someone to fuck... doesn't she take a great weft of the blame?

Shit, I'd hang the girlfriend, the child's mother, as well, the slut.

Hang it, I'd hang everybody, the judge included.

In fact I'd nuke the entire planet from outer space.

It's the only way to be sure.



Stephen Folan said...

Is it my imagination but is Singapore becoming like a sunnier version of Liverpool? Were these things happening before but going unreported?

expat@large said...

My mate Knobby and I were actually talking about this in the pub the other night (not in relation to this case) just... because. He had a growing realization that many Singaporean families are dysfunctional; hidden violence, cheating spouses, second wives in Battaam, etc... sexual molestation too, I guess.

I guess it's true all over the world that as you grow older you start to lose the rose-colored glasses of childhood and realize that your buddy's parents aren't quite the model family and tight unit you thought they were, in fact Mrs Wang is not so happy with Mr Wang because Mr Wang has a fascination with Miss Ning who lives next door but that is only because Mrs Wang has considered her sexual duties completed in 1987 when she produced a son (your buddy) for Mr Wang... etc, etc...

Anyway, that Singapore sheen, those clean trains running on time, that white paint demarcating every road edge, this island of topiary jungle, this bloated corporate golf course of a country... it don't fool me for one fracking second...

Sorry, where were we? Yeah, it isn't South Africa or India or Malaysia (where there are three sentence tragedies on page after page, day after day), but there's usually something pretty stunning in the Singapore paper at least once a week.

knobby said...

i wish i didn't read your blog :(

knobby said...

i wish i didn't read your blog :(

expat@large said...

Knob: you could join the 6.5 billion minus 58 people who daily don't read it.

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