Tuesday, May 05, 2009

(Less Is) More On Bicycle Seats

Thanks to JP for directing E@L in this direction.

Using No-nose (Noseless) Bicycle Saddles to Prevent Genital Numbness and Sexual Dysfunction

Over 40,000 workers in public safety occupations ride bicycles as part of their job. They include police officers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and security staff who patrol by bicycle. Anecdotal reports from bicyclists had indicated that genital numbness, erectile dysfunction, and impotence are a concern.

The traditional bicycle saddle has a narrow nose or horn that protrudes under the groin as the cyclist straddles the bicycle. Ideally, the weight of the cyclist supported on the saddle should be under the pelvic sit bones. However, 25% or more of the body weight is supported where the groin contacts the saddle nose. This percentage greatly increases as the cyclist leans forward in more aerodynamic positions. Bearing weight on this region of the saddle compresses the nerves and arteries in the groin. These nerves and arteries run through the groin between the sit bones to the genitals. Research has shown that pressure on these nerves and arteries over time may lead to a loss of sensation and a decrease in blood supply to the genitals. This can contribute to the sexual and reproductive health effects that have been reported with bicycling.

From the CDC National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health Science Blog.

Download the pdf so you can print it out and shove it under the nose of the snooty bike-shop owner who said, "No, we don't stock those fancy saddles here, not much call for that sort of esoteric stuff here..." (Read: We're in Singapore, we don't think out of the marketing box.")



I mean how uncanny and jumping with spooky mystic weird synchronicity is all that! E@L posts about weird bicycle seats because he gets a sore bum when he rides on normal ones, and all of a sudden President Obama releases a $700bn rescue package for his buddies with sore balls from sitting on slightly worn Aeron chairs in their Wall Street board-rooms...

Man, E@L does have his finger on the pulse of the balls of the men in power, or what!


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Istvanski said...

What about all those poor sods whose nostrils have worn out due to saddle-sniffing?

Dick Headley said...

Damn right Istvanski. And what about the poor sod who jumped on and forgot he'd taken the saddle off?

expat@large said...

Istvanski: that's a different type of sexual dysfunction. If you'd all open your copy of DSM-IV to the pages we marked yesterday before Old Knudsen took us (or more accurately, himself) off on an onanistic tangent, you'll see how the ensuing paragraphs with the 'scratch and sniff' sections will help solve that problem for you. Well if it does not solve it, at least you'll know it has a name and a classification, which is something more than nothing, isn't it boys and girls?

DH: the Radiology lesson is next Tuesday. BYO pb underpants.

savannah said...


dibabear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dibabear said...

I guess it's better than having your hands full juggling your balls. But, a lad's got to have some fun, eh?

They don't sell those saddles in Singapore because what's a few sterile Singaporean males? Ask Izzy, she'll back me on this. I mean it's really only the prodigious gweilo who has a malformed prodigious member and would need such an appliance.

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