Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SM Goh Does Comedy Routine

To elaborate his variation of that classic Lee family joke, The Aristocrats (the first effort was made by PM Nathan last week when he amusingly admitted the Darwinian theory of evolution and that new "tools" were required to replace the current tools in Parliament), Senior Minister Goh took the spotlight at the Istana Open Mike Comedy Night on the weekend with this far-fetched routine:

CHANGES to Singapore's political system [sic - do not adjust your set, this is not a typo!] are in the works and on Sunday, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong spelt out three principles that will guide these amendments.

One, they must be fair to all political parties; two, they should result in a strong, effective Government after an election; and three, they must ensure diverse views are represented in Parliament. [Emphasis, what emphasis? mine]

Allegedly, they were rolling in the aisles. Some people were even turning in their graves.

In chilling ironic reflection of the Cult of Personality Stalin thing, at the end of his routine, the first person to start clapping was executed/bankrupted/air-conditioned.

Laugh, I really would like to.


p.s. someone recently asked me how I get after I've been in Singapore for a week or more. Do the last few posts answer that?


Indiana said...

You need to drink more :-)

expat@large said...

I really should not read the Straits Jacket, it's way depressing.

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