Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can't We Just STOP?

Isn't there, like, enough paper in the world already that we have to destroy forest that has been used for the resettling of orangutans whose habitats are threatened elsewhere?

Can't we just fucking stop with all this expansion and destruction?

Story Here (Slightly weird page - AP copyrighted story, goes to a advertiser's frame. I tried to do the right thing to get the story into my blog as per their instructions, but as usual it screwed up on me and did not display as they claimed it would. I might try again later. Sigh.)



HKMacs said...

Time to get a Kindle, bookworm!

expat@large said...

HKMacs: yeah, right, like that'll work properly for me! When I can download through WiFi or 3G the newpapers and blogs I want, as well books, ANYWHERE in the world it would be useful. Till then, why not just get a Netbook?

HKMacs said...

How is it then, if you have lousy electronic mojo so to speak you can get ultrasound to work?

Unknown said...

Netbooks have crap screens in comparison. No need to download anywhere as it stores heaps so you can do it at home.... The problem as ever is the content available - if I could get all the books I read i'd buy one tomorrow. Alas ...

expat@large said...

HKMacs: I have magic hands there too. I can make a perfectly good machine explode 2 minutes before the Dr walks in for the demo, just by turning the machine on! Luckily my bed-side manner gets me through.

Miyu: yes the netbooks are tempting but limited for e-reading also due to extreme short battery life. Amazon has a deal with some of the WiFi providers in USA, which is why Kindle can work there. I'll prbably get one, or maybe the Sony (but "never buy Sony"), when some Telco deal is cut for Singapore or SE-A, as $300 is what I spend a in fortnight on normal books anyway. If it slows me down just on things like the classics and philosophy and history texts, it might cut the rate of expansion of my book-shelves (now in three rooms) and it will be worth it. If it can convert and upload txt and html files from Gutenberg that would be great, I'd have half of the Project on there. Like, did I really need that $40 fancy edition of "The Consolations of Philosophy" by Boethius which has been around for like 400 years when I could have uploaded for free from Gutenberg?

Bookmania? Yep, but hey! there are worse vices.

Lost in Melbourne said...

How to solve a problem such as greed? I don't think people will ever feel they have enough. If we could destroy their habitat that might help though.

On topic I knew a guy who was managing that very business in Singa and he was slippery on the topic of Indo rainforest destruction. In fact his excuse was the blame the Indonesians and went so far as to label the entire country a basket case, stating that the only way to fix the corruption etc was to wipe the who population clean and start again from scratch.

Perhaps true but none the less a fairly extreme measure!

knobby said...

the cartoon i was talking about:

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