Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alive But Busy

The numbers in E@L's life:

Draft 4 of a 30 min presentation, due to be presented in 12 hours to 30 docs using 32 slides culled from 5 other similar presentations and 3 onlines pdfs, with 1 stolen competition company's video (to show how we should be doing it, but aren't). Saved 20 minutes ago.

Draft 247 of 400 word cover note for a letter to potentially 12,000 docs. (Made that last number up, but it is for international distribution). Emailed 2 hours ago.

Draught under door blocking 2 nostrils. Breathing through open mouth last 3 hours.

E71, $595, 3 days ago.

1, to my sister in Australia.

About 45 minutes, but I used a local SIM card.

A 500Bht card.

Can't find the card - wouldn't publish it on my blog anyway.

1115, 1 day ago, for 6 nights.

9am. (11:47pm, thanks for asking.)

7:30am, with 5 min snooze.

157846932 completed in about 45 miniutes.


Ooops, this seems to have morphed into something of a questionnaire sans questions in a rather light-hearted Ballardian tone. Sorry about that. Or am I? Only sorry that I am too tired to continue the fun until I find something nasty and dystopian with which to end it...

Sigh. No imagination, see? Night.



savannah said...

ok, but there's an award for you over at my place, sugar! ;) xoxox

expat@large said...

Sav: "OK but..." Reminds me of the cartoon in todays BKK paper...

Man on Couch: Doc, how bad is my inferiority complex?
Shrink: It's not very strong.
Man on Couch: Even my inferiority complex is a weakling!

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