Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why Am I Still Up?

Why go to bed?

Last week's overnight in-hospital sleep test shows that I have apnoeic or hyopopneic episodes on average 51 time an hour. That's 10sec plus without taking a proper breath. So at least 510 seconds, or 8 and 1/2 minutes every hour, I am not breathing. At all.

Looking at the chart, I seem to go into this mode after every 4 breaths snores.

And I wake up 23 times an hour! May as well stay up, at least I can do stuff on the computer.

I'd sigh but I don't want to waste the oxygen.

I'm dying of everything.


The best sleep I've had was in the ENT clinic; 2 hours of neck-aching snooze sitting up in the waiting room... and even when I got called in they didn't have the charts ready (Have you had your test? - Well, yes. Last week!), and had to send to the ward for them. Tin-pot organization. Tan Tok Seng Hospital.

Who sleeps at night? No one is sleeping.
In the cradle a child is screaming.
An old man sits over his death, and anyone
young enough talks to his love, breathes
into her lips, looks into her eyes.

Once asleep - who knows if we'll wake again?
We have time, we have time, we have time to sleep!

Maria Tsvetaeva, from INSOMNIA, 1916.



savannah said...

so, i take it there's nothing that can be done? or are the doctors just not sure what to do? anxiety has been keeping me awake, but i've started using tylenol PM and getting a solid 8 hours of sleep at least 3x a week. xoxoxo

DanPloy said...

'Why am I Still Up?'

I thought you cured yourself on that last trip to Phuket. Now you are complaining about it.

Never happy!

expat@large said...

Sav: trying out some CPAP machine this month.

Dan: 'up' as in awake. Cheeky bugger!

Lost in Melbourne said...

How long have you been having the sleep trouble Phil?

Isabella said...

That sounds really bad :( Stop drinking, swim daily... <3

expat@large said...

Scott: I didn't know i was! Some friends in Oz said I should check it out based on their own experience.

Iz: 'Stop swimming, drink daily' did you say? Well yeah, I do want to live long enough to see who comes to my funeral.

Isabella said...

I'll be there to make sure the carpet is taken care of. ^^

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