Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back In The iLife Again

OMG. Phones! I've been using the Nokia E71 for a week. I have yet to key in a correct word in any txt message. Plus I have to drag my iPod with me for music as I don't have decent earphones with that annoying mini-jack.

The Sony-Ericcson Exaspera X10 definitely has something wrong with the battery - it was fully charged on Thursday morning and dead flat by lunchtime.  Had to fire it up this morning as it had Dr's appointment that hadn't been sync'd. (The fucking S-E PC MediaPlayer won't find the iTunes library on my HDD as its TETHERED as well.)

Had to fire up the iPhone this morning as well, because I couldn't remember my bank account number (at least I remembered the PIN).

All three on the desk, humming away, and I had to make a decision...  Which is the least annoying?

So I am back on the iPhone, with its sticky home key and all the fucking iShit that goes with it... 

Aaaaaaaand loving it!? 

Please, someone, come up with a decent UNTETHERED alternative! Soon!


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Joanne Casey said...

Ah what did we do in the days before all this technology was invented?

VW - pandatic

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