Friday, June 18, 2010


In my fifth decade I had begun to imagine what old age was like when I noticed the first lapses of memory. I would turn the house upside looking for my glasses until I discovered that I had them on, or I'd wear them into the shower, or I'd put my reading glasses over the ones I used for distance. One day I had breakfast twice because I forgot about the first time, and I learned to recognize the alarm in my friends when they didn't have the courage to tell me I was recounting the same story I had told them a week earlier. By then I had mental list of faces I knew and another lists of the names that went with each one, at the moment of greeting I didn't always succeed in matching the faces to the names. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Memories of My Melancholy Whores

Fortunately I have friends who will let me know straight away that I am losing it. And instead of not telling me that I've told them a story before they'll say, "I read it on your blog."

And now I'm into my sixth decade and it's not getting any better.


When I came back from the hospital late this afternoon, where I had been helping a Japanese Doctor do some advanced ultrasound stuff, I turned the house upside down looking for that VERY important flash-drive on which I had stored all the images and videos of the procedure. I was in a panic! Had I dropped it from my pocket on the walk home from the hospital (it's only 1K away), or did i put it on the table when I was talking with a colleague at Spinellis café?

Five minutes of getting ready to go back and redo the back-up, thinking of excuses for not sending the files on to Tokyo immediately...

And there it was. In the USB port.

I had already plugged it into to the computer and then become distracted by emails which had taken me to my online chess games!



OK, off for POETS day drinks. Now, where did I place those keys?



savannah said...

i've heard that those puzzles people do are good for y'alls mind, but of course, i can't remember what they're called, sugar... *sigh* xoxoxoxo

valkyrie said...

If it makes you feel better Phil, I have been recounting the same story to the same people up to 5 times, even when I was in my 20's... :D

expat@large said...

Sav: puzzles like "find the glasses"?

Val: you told me that already.

Isabella said...

That's great. That means we can tell each other the same story again and again and never get bored because I have the same problem too and I quite like listening to a good story twice.

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