Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buyers' Paralysis

Everything was better when everything was worse.

Great book as well...

More about The Paradox of Choice

Secret of happiness - low expectations.


[Like low expectations of E@L's editing skills! Sorry about the incomprehensible first edition of this post!]


HKMacs said...


Skippy-san said...

So you show up for a lecture for a bunch of people in shorts and a T-shirt? Call me old school but that's insulting to the audience-and kind of undercuts his credibility. You do dress for success.

expat@large said...

HKM: yes I am, for finding it.

Skip: maybe he had no...

wait for it...



Actually he says he always wear jeans. Always? Maybe they were in the wash.

expat@large said...

Anyway for me, consistency, correctness and correspondence of thought and action maketh the person, not superficialities like clothing (I always wear shorts and tee-shirts to speak at major conferences when I am trying to look cool) the number of facial tattoos, augmentations and piercings. Just as bad plastic surgery or shorts and tee-shirts - as I am wearing now in Ko Samui - won't recall your lost youth. Or mine. They can make you (me) look stupid however.

But I could quote The Scottish Play (if I could remember any of it) about the moral contrast between clothes and the man.

expat@large said...

p.s. that's your shiny boots etc... military training showing thorough!!! LOL!

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