Monday, June 07, 2010

Spot, The Difference

Answers in tomorrow's paper. Prizes for the neatest, correctest, bestest entries.


Bonus question: name of the Macbeth family's dog?



chazza said...

MacDee!! ;p. Seriously I dont remember a dog in Macbeth.

Michael said...

One sells bootleg liquor. The other sells, um, 4D whatsits.

Dick Headley said...

The top one is obviously Somerset Maugham. The other one could be a younger version of that bloke in Li'l Abner.

savannah said...

y'all didn't have a hat on in the second photo and y'all had shaved, too! ;~D xoxoxoxo

Skippy-san said...

In one picture the suit fits!

DanPloy said...

One picture shows the world's reigning pocket billiard champion the other a man who doesn't know to separate his coloureds from his whites.

DanPloy said...

'name of the Macbeth family's dog'


expat@large said...

1. Double-breasted vest
2. 40kg
3. yes Sav, hat
4. Sav again, clean shaven
5. Dan, linen pants and linen jacket obviously different batches.
6. $39 shoes vs $250 shoes.
7. trousers with wrinkles as opposed to trousers with cuffs and pleats
8. is a that a blue shirt? v 'cream' shirt
9. one has his tie straight
10. hand positions
11. stupid magnetic bracelet bought because one had $280 of vouchers and there nothing vaguely desirable in the Singapore Airlines on -board duty free.
12. One is the handsomest leading man of generation and the other seems to have left his under-eye bags on the carousel... (a.k.a. obvious plastic surgery. Why are people so vain? What a waste of time. Don't they know they're all going to die eventually, rot in graves and be eaten by worms? Not me, but. Not until Burnham Wood doth come to Dunsinane)


Speaking of the Scottish play: the answer to yesterday's bonus question - the clue was in the comma:

Act 5, Scene 1:

LADY MACBETH (kicketh she her dog up the arras for the mutt done shitteth upon the Dunsinane rugs)
Out, damned Spot! out, I say!

knobby said...


Unknown said...

The bottom appears to be Jay Gatsby.

The top one is clearly Boss Hogg from The Dukes Of Hazzard.

expat@large said...

Knobster: just don't be late for the quiz tonight!

Shiori: you're not the first person to say that! Drops shoulders in embarrassment...

Isabella said...

One of them obviously takes himself more seriously than he should.

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