Monday, June 28, 2010

Nice Music - Total Babe!

Kina Grannis - how HAWT is this talented lady? Some more professional videos and some of the homemade ones here, on her YouTube page: the song that should come up is Valentine


I was listening to some chill music at the beach bar on Samui, when Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" came on, and I realized how much I have been blasting my ears with quite loud rock of late (Audioslave, Powderfinger, Staind) with only the occasional dip into more laid-back stuff (the surfie stuff of Jack Johnson, some Cinematic Orchestra, Nitin Sawney). Izzy left a few chill-out CDs when she headed off for more Norwegian climes, so I might have one of them playing when I am reading/snoozing on the recliner in the evening, but only then. When there are yrics to a song and I am reading, I get subconsciously conflicted and end up taking in neither, and have to reread a page or so...

But as I am used to be a bit of a guitarist, I once only listened to great acoustic/blues artists (just as I only read great books, ^cough^). Guitarists like the early Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke, Brownie McGee, Buddy Guy, some flamenco stuff by Paco De Lucia, etc... I was also a fan of the lady singer-songwriters for a while, those of the Michelle Shocked, Suzanne Vega, Lisa Loeb and Shawn Colvin variety in my 30's/40's. That has dropped off over the last few years I have now noticed. Also my son has tried to get me listening to more ambient stuff. (I thought he had left the clothes-drier running in his flat but no, it was music.)

But it was the nice guitar intro from Jason as I sat on my beach-lounge reading some Gabriel Garcia Marquez that got me thinking about music like this... also thinking about growing old and impotent while falling in love with a sleeping, naked, 14 year old virgin - [from the GGM book, man!]

[It was the Casa Nova Session Mix I heard on the beach - much better guitar intro than this]

I'm not exactly sure how I got to Kina Grannis (oh from the Leonard Cohen video) but she's a great find IMHO, and I don't mind the guy who wrote that first song as well, Iron and Wine.

[Remember from a blog last year or so, I also like Kidd Bowery's version of Zevon's Desperados Under the Eaves

So I need to bump up my knowledge of current guitar music, acoustic or otherwise, is all I am saying. YouTube is a great place to blurf your way into something you really like and have never heard before... Now all we need is an iTunes store in Singapore!


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