Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Wishes

1: a living wage for the Bangladeshi strikers and all other exploited workers around the world. Armchair socialists unite!

2: peace in the Middle East, as this would mean a lot more peace in the world. Everyone with eyes to see recognizes that the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is the root cause of the resurgence of militant Islam. Armchair Bono's unite!

3: the person who invented the jet-ski had never been born. Deck-chair loafers seeking peace and quiet unite!

4: Evernote would work the same on my PC as it does on my iMac! Typing this, and the ten times longer first draft has been a royal pain. No drag and drop, useless windows everywhere... Frustrated typists unite!

5: I break 100 on the golf course today. Yes the old days of trying to break 90 are long gone. Golf Buggy riders unite!

6: End of world hunger - Room Service have brought in a birthday cake; anyone want a slice? Carbohydrates unite!

7: several unpublishable things from here to wish #10. Someone pretty unites with...



savannah said...

happy birthday, sugar! xoxoxox

(i'm no longer on facebook, so i'll miss all the pictures *sigh*)

rockstar69 said...

Happy birthday darling XXXXOOOOO

expat@large said...

Sav: off FB? Paranoia, or are they REALLY out to get you?

Rocky: do those symbols mean you are kissing my quoit?

dibabear said...

Happy belated to you Phil. Your "armchair Bonos" reminds me of an internet legend I read a while back. S'posedly U2 was playing in Scotland when Bono got the audience to be perfectly quiet. He then started clapping at regular intervals and said "everytime I clap a child in Africa dies." Purportedly some Scot near the front piped up "Well fookin' stop doin' it then you evil bastard!" Snopes says it ain't so but it makes a great story!

expat@large said...

Dib: cheers!

That Bono line, yes it's an oldie but a goldie.

Why is that famous people are criticized for trying to do the socially responsible thing? Is it because they are undeservedly famous (everyone except that guy in the wheelchair, whatsisname), flashes in the pan of TV video-bites, mere publicity puppets for the record companies or whatever and therefore stupid and should STFU?

Or is it that we are jealous of all the money they have and are wasting on bling and crystal champagne? Or stupid sunglasses in Bono's case.

And wtf is it with "The Edge" - he's always been dull! That must be an ironic nick-name from when he was 6 and still couldn't speak. And he's a shit guitarist and musician. Have you seen him in "It could get loud"? He is showing Jimi Page one of his songs and Page says, "Shouldn't that chord be an F?" then rolls his eyes.

dibabear said...

And I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I don't think it's celebs trying to do the right thing. I think it's celebs seeking publicity for trying to do the right thing. Or celebs who thing that their celebrity makes them an expert on everything. As for Bono he just comes off as sanctimonious but then if The Edge is your best guitarist...well.

Jae Jagger said...

Loved #6.

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