Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Must Get To The Bottom Of This!

Nothing like toilet humour... Further to my crisis of the other day, here's Spike Milligan:

Jesus wept and so did I watching this!

And it was Spike himself, (at least the HongkieTown version on Facebook) who got me started on these classic clips...



Oh, and the deep and uncreepy (despite having a ouija board tattoo on his back?) Creepy kindly tried to kill me by sending me a link to another guy's arse-pain story - Bob, the Anal Fissure... Funny? It's so painfully amusing I was getting those fucking abdominal cramps again and almost died in the office chair. Or was that a dream I had while on the office chair? Ah dear, I've been either crying or dying all day it seems...



savannah said...

*snickering* xoxoxo

Dick Headley said...

Yes good old Spike. Scatology....that's the word I'm looking for.

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