Friday, October 09, 2009

One For All The Animal Lovers Out There

I needed to confirm the number of beats per minute that a cat's heart works, right? (Don't ask why, corporate secret. Mrgnao - "Get that cat out here!" ) So I Googled

"What is the feart rate of a cat?"

LOL! Fortunately Google was feeling forgiving and suggested "heart rate"...and I found some interesting discrepant answers - 140-160bpm says someone, 160-220bpm says someone else.

But what if someone really DID want to know the fart rate of a cat?

It's about one every 12 seconds according this academic study (no, the cat does not die)-

(Mmm. This cat looks supiciously like the one I saw at Indy's the other day...)


1 comment:

knobby said...

dude when are you going to blog about polanski? i go away for a few days, come back and you STILL haven't said anything. tut, tut.

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