Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Defenestration Overdue

I popped the iPhone into its little white and very heavy cradle at work this afternoon and a message appeared: "This Item Was Not Designed To Work With iPhone."

What a piece of crap bullshit. I've been plugging the iPhone3 into it for ages now without any hassle. It looks to be charging OK, so, you know, whatever...

Later this afternoon when it was time go I decided I'd better synch that Dr's appointment tomorrow, so I loaded iTunes.

It didn't recognize the iPhone. I lifted the iPhone in and out of the cradle a few times. Still no recognition. Grrr. I unplugged the cradle to see if that WAS it. I plugged the cable directly into the iPhone and yep, it was recognised it...

And then I saw that I had a whopping 13.74GB free... (16GB phone) And I saw why. There was NO blue colour on the fill-guage bar at the bottom of iTunes.


The apps were still there, the contacts and appointments, just the sorta iPod things were gone!




I had updated iTunes on Monday, like I do every few days(!!!) when prompted and not synched since then. I checked the iPhone itself for the songs, thinking maybe iTunes is broke, but no; AND to add insult to insult, it says I can download music from iTunes which is an out and out lie because I live in Singapore, home of the most recalcitrant Telcos on the planet...

And it was just as I was about to leave the office, this happens! Fuck I need auditory stimulation for the taxi-ride home! Now instead instead of being home in time to go to the gym, I've to wait here for some 20+ 35 minutes while it synchs with my laptop playlist... and go straight over to Indy's place for beers and geek-dom* instead.

What a fucking tofu!

Why did I ever get myself into this frustrating Apple iJunk mess?

[Aw, heck and now there's some new iPhone software it wants to update!!! I go to start and it says 20mins remaining! Fuck that! I'm outta here!]


* Mercermachine and Indy want to play some 'adult' (as in 'grown-up' not 'sex') type board game... Like chess, says Indy, but with toy monsters and carefully constructed and hand-painted minature castles, etc...


Stephen Folan said...

Steve Jobs never designed anything good. His biography titled 'i-con' was never truer.

He overstretched his bit of luck with the ipod and the customers are reaping the rewards.

Dick Headley said...

If this keeps up we'll be back scribbling on cave walls.

DanPloy said...

Denefestration sounds like some sort of self abuse, perhaps involving an iPhone. Perhaps defenestration?

expat@large said...

Dan: When angry, I lapse into Spoonerisms. And bad typign.

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