Sunday, October 18, 2009

Theme To Be Developed

Apple = Singapore

Steve Jobs = Lee Kwan Yue

Sleek shiny interface = neat tidy country

Tethered product-line = nepotism and corporatism

Attractive to shallow trendoids = attractive to shallow libertarians

Good for graphics applications = good for graphics workers

Small market share = little red dot

Real business is elsewhere = real world is elsewhere




DanPloy said...

iPod Store, (place you go to buy things you don't really need and then feel used afterwards) - Orchard Towers.

expat@large said...

Expensive add-ons = expensive everything

Limited choice of models = PAP

No radio on iPod = no journalists prepared to criticize Singapore

Stolen technology from best of Creative Technologies = stolen politico-economic from worst of Milton Friedman

Freedom to take whatever we give you = PAP

Bono used in advertisements = Bono refuses to come to Singapore

Held captive to Apple technology = longest-serving political prisoner EVER (in modern times) was in Singapore

Cannot tinker with operating system = PAP

etc etc...

knobby said...

buys Apple products, then gripes about them = E@L


- not an apple user, not even an ipod (gasp!)

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