Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Status Report:: Bangkok Day 2


Busy, in a sort of sitting round waiting for hours, then being intensely active for 45 minutes with an eager customer type way during the day, and hoping to be re-writing Powerpoint presentations for the training next week for the next few nights.

Bloody hell, one of the sales-girls in Singapore asked me to prepare a presentation for her to give on Wednesday! Even cutting and pasting from an existing one takes a good two hours... well, there's was tonight's effort on the training shot to pieces.

As a stress reduction I spent an hour (or more!)in the gym, mostly watching the girls in the aerobics room.

Nothing to see here, move along. At least that's what the security guard told me...


BTW Dick Headley likes my speaking of Thailand as 'The Land of Similies' [sic].

e.g. I am beautiful, like a young woman, he/she said.

Et cetera, et cetera, ad ridiculum...



marke said...

Completely off topic, and you may have seen it:

expat@large said...

Had to comment on that - wonder if it will gewt past the moderator?

knobby said...

Just watched Religulous and loved it! You'll love it too. If your friendly neighbourhood DVD pirate is selling copies, you should definitely get one! Of course, I can always give it to you too.

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