Monday, October 19, 2009

Vaccines & Correlations - or Why Lemons Don't Cause Car Crashes

Sorry people, you might have to open your minds to let some of this information in.

(Thanks to HKMacs who started me on this trail.)



savannah said...

well done, good find, sugar! but sadly, we're not the audience that needs to see this. the people who need to see this are too busy watching tv to see what happens next to the balloon boy and his family! *sigh* jesus wept! xooxoxoo

Dick Headley said...

Don't knock balloon boy marshmallow. Thanks to him millions of kids will grow up to be good reality TV stars.

Momentary Madness said...

Okay, so you mean when I look in the mirror I’m not really the suave handsome guy I see there, but I could be to some- 1 in 5.
O shut the fuck up, and just give me the jab. I can't listen anymore.
No! I can't forgive you. I can take it; give it to me.
balloon boy and his family?
they all came down to earth with an arrest; small though it may be it is bound to be blown out of all proportion;-)

expat@large said...

"came down to earth" - boom boom!

savannah said...

we're all just so damn witty, sugar! ;~D xoxoxo

Creepy said...

One more reason to guard our border: Mexican citrus is causing autism!

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