Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Words

Gary Abblett!! (Jr)

And he is a genuinely nice guy, by all accounts. Sometimes the good guys do win.


Apologies to the great son of the great man for the late acknowledgment of his tremendous sporting success on Monday night.

The Brownlow Medal is the annual award for the best and fairest player in the Australian Football League. It is awarded on points per game by the umpires themselves, so there is no doubt that only good players will win. It just so happens that Gary Ablett Jr is the BEST player in 20 years, at least since his father Gary Ablett Snr, who kicked an amazing 9 goals in the 1989 Grand Final, even though Geelong lost that time.

But now on to the Grand Final for 2009! It's going to be a different story this year!

My bags are packed, my plane ready, my car booked, my accommodation is secured. It's going to be a miserable day in Melbourne Saturday weather-wise - hail, storms, top of 14C (about 57F) - but for those of us with checkered rugs on our laps and thermoses of hot coffee it's going to be a great day!

Cats for the win!



Lost in Melbourne said...

Jesus, are you ever excited!

Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil sitting here in my apartment with the rain and hail beating against the window while watching the battle between The Cats and The Saints I am wondering how your Singapore softened senses are coping with this un-seasonal weather?

Good Luck Fella, although for the connection of my late Grandma I am torn in my support.

Paula said...

Gary Ablett Jnr is indeed a gorgeous, decent guy and a beautiful person! (plus a fantastic footballer!) But I wish he'd let his hair grow back a little...

Notice he didn't even take a sip of that champagne? He's so strong psychologically, as well as physically. Inspiring really!

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