Saturday, September 12, 2009

Capitalism Will Eat Itself - Reflux

The bright blue skies of Sydney, the warming rays of the sun as you stand on the ferry to Manly. Later, the crisp reflections of lights across Darling Harbour in the still of night. Once a convict settlement where brutal punishments and rum rations just kept control over the seething distrust of authority. Now a tourist mecca and a key business and financial centre where money reigns and bling sings.

One day, a buddy of mine is stopped at a red light in Sydney, with pedestrians crossing in front of him. A young woman pauses at the front of his car, turns around and hitches up her dress, reveling a red G-string and great butt. With her trim-buttocked rear-end she swipes across the front-end of his car, right over the name badge...

Same thing has happened about six times he tells us.

Full story to follow, at some stage...



Paul Lewis said...

Why does he not have a camera handy for such incidents?

He should just smile back.

No matter what, he's the one driving the Aston Martin !

expat@large said...

Paul: you'd think an A-M would come with one already. Like the Heart-Start kit in the glove box for when you've been poisoned with Digitalis.

(Medical trivia: actually takes about 6hrs for Digitalis to kick in when ingested and the lidocaine, stabbed into the jugular/carotid [without u/s guidance how can you tell for sure?]- needs to be continued until the digitalis is out of the system several hours later. So says PoliteDissent.)

Lost in Melbourne said...

This is a very typical Sydney gold digger type of thing Phil.

Don't you remember 'Princess' Mary Donaldson raced down to the 'Slip Inn' on being notified by a staff insider friend that there was a guy in the bar who was running a tab with a black AMEX. It was apparently not by chance that the Sydney real estate girl met her prince while he was in town for the 2000 Olympics. Gold Diggers are working their trade everywhere, and Asia as you know is no exception.

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