Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buddha Jumps Over The Moon

You can't upset me. I am beyond getting upset. I am in a blissful state. Buddha would be proud. I have 7 days till Enlightenment.

My football team, the Geelong Cats, will play in the Australian Rules Football Grand Final next Saturday. I have a Business Class Seat for the flight to Melbourne and I have a Reserved Seat in the Members Stand of the Melbourne Cricket club - somewhere up near the same flying altitude, but I'll bring my Biggles spectacles and a fur coat to observe the spectacle and to keep warm (as well as a collared shirt).

I knew I had the seat, but it was only the match we watched tonight on the (borrowed set-top box - mine is broken) TV that clinched their place in the final for The Cats. Otherwise I would have been playing suduko or reading the next Stieg Larsson installment...

Saturday will be a big BIG day. It is expected that over 100,000 people will attend.
The atmosphere on days like this is astounding, the charge is almost too much, and as some people saw tonight at the TV match, I do get involved and very vocal over my footy...




rockstar69 said...

Well, you'd better behave with me up in the nose bleed section on Saturday or they'll cancel your membership!!!!

savannah said...

lovely, sugar, absolutely lovely! i rejoice in your nearness to fulfillment. (how could you NOT read the girl who played with fire as soon as you purchased it? you'll love it!) xoxoxo

Momentary Madness said...

all sport bores me to tears.
(does that come close)

expat@large said...

Rocky: I'll stuff tissue in my nostrils in best MCG tradition.

Sav: hope it lasts! Been holding off until the next is almost ready for publication - I hear it is out in German already.

MomMad: 99% of sport ditto - but my home team in a Grand Final, ya gotta love it!

Stephen Folan said...

Go Bulldogs

expat@large said...

H-G: too late for the 'Doggies, as you well know.

Dick Headley said...

Make sure you bring your iSnack.

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