Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best Places To Eat...

The Gaurdian has a list of the 50 best places to eat.

Obviously there is alot of steaks and pizza and burger places in America, but the places that interest me are those I have a chance of visiting or have already visited.

I've done three of them - had the pho in Pho24 Siagon (about 5 times), the sea-bream at the Tsujiki market (once) and the Peking duck in Quanjude...

I've eaten in Cebu, but maybe not at the Lighthouse restaurant. You have to agree there is a reason Philippines food has not taken the world by storm. Even at its best, it's still pretty crap.

I will make a note of the Bangkok place and try it the week after next.

And I walked past Ladurée in Paris and went somewhere else for mon macaroons (at Sav's suggestion).


Mmm. Can you tell I'm hungry?

Indy and g-f are coming over to watch the footie, some nibbles and then for dinner - my famous disaster-invoking green curry of whatever veggies plus calimari and prawns, with maybe some chicken... But no carrot. You tell a pseudo-Thai restaurant if there is carrot in the stir-fry. Thais don't eat carrot.

OK, all this food talk, need a coffee or something just to tide me over. Feeling a lot better, thanks everyone, have some energy back finally, and though my arse feels like it's about to fall through the chair (pelvic floor) I am not too bad.

As well as having lost about $100k and a week's holiday to this UTI, I have also lost about 3.5kgs.

Till later. Go CATS!



Spike said...

A really touristy list. Of the places I know:

Pho 24, a franchise chain, the best pho in the world? Any street corner pho place in VN would be better.

Katz's deli? Is the oldest but the food is aggressively average.

Quanjude? A tourist trap.

Mario Battali's ravioli is better than ravioli in Italy?

Luk Yu for best dim sum in the world? Not even the best in Hong Kong.

I think the Asian choices are really reflective of the fact that there's no Asian based contributor on the list. Given that with just one or two exceptions, all of the contributors are based in the UK, it's people who have traveled to Asia a few days or a week at a time and are limited as to where they can go so they pick the famous guide book places.

Besides, for best steak in the world, wouldn't you have chosen Wooloomooloo?

Hey, my word verification word is "ruphil." So are you now competing with RuPaul?

expat@large said...

Spike: LOL - well I was just saying I'd eaten at those places I didn't comment on their quality, and I suppose you're right - OK Goddamn YOU'RE RIGHT - they are tourist traps. They're um, sort of expressive of idea of the local food rather than being 'the best' of the local food.

Mind you, I do think Pho24 is as good as most of the street stalls and certainly better than many other death-trap restaurants I've eaten at around the Mekong.

And you're right about food shows and Asia. Bourdain had to come to Singapore six times before he found out THERE WAS such a thing as chicken-rice. Kylie Kwong, third generation Syndey-ite (her family has been in Australia longer than mine, hence the horrible accent [hers not mine, I don't have an accent]), looked as though she just asked the concierge what was good around the hotel.

And yeah, if Luk Yu is the best dimsum in the world, then Woolies is certainly the best steak restaurant in the world! (daily, 11-45 till late, outlets in LKF, Wanchai, TST, Elements - booking recommended for week-ends)


RuPaul? nnnnn-nope, that one went straight (as it were) over my head. Had to google.

savannah said...

where did y'all eat whilst in paris, sugar? i vaguely remember sending a list of my favorite places. xoxoxxo (verrry funny vw for spike! i guess rupaul is an american thing, she said ever so archly.)

ok, too funny: vw is chance

expat@large said...

Sav: I think you suggested Angelinas, because it was near an English bookshop.

Dick Headley said...

That would be mes macaroons but who's counting?

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