Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don'tcha Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Three weeks ago - So I confirm my business class flights to Melbourne on frequent flier points...

Two weeks ago - So I win a reserved seat at the ground in the members' raffle...

One week ago - So my team gets into the final...

Today - So The Cats Win The AFL Flag for 2009!

It was a total heart-stopper of a game - one the toughest games ever, hardly an uncontested possession for the entire two hours and the result was up in the air, scores were even, until the last 2 minutes when my team finally inched ahead.

(And it costs me nothing except a myocardial infarction!!)

What a great weekend!


OK a little bit of actual drama - I wasn't sure if I had paid my membership for 2009. The money was due on 31 August but I couldn't find a receipt in my on-line credit card records, but I thought I had done it because I was considering watching a match when I came down to Melbourne at the end of last month. So I'm scratching my head and slowly got around to checking while I am here in Melbourne, so I call the club office to see if they can confirm whether I paid up or not. Of course after six or seven cycles through Robo-cop voice, I am put on hold.

While the music tinkles away I go on-line on my laptop (using the No 1 Son's network) and check my email. Ba-ding! Here's one from the Melbourne Cricket Club saying that while I have a reserved seat, my membership is overdue! Well fancy that! Just as I open the link, which asks for a reference number from the invoice that was sent in July (which I don't have obviously), the real live human lady comes on the phone to talk to me - "Oh hi, I need my reference number to pay my membership please!"

Perfect timing... So I paid and yes, I got in...

If I hadn't checked my email or called the office (at my buddy Rockstar69's insistence), I would have been refused entry!

Big sporting day, Cat's victory, celebrated with two bottles of black label Moet.

(Youtubes to come)



Paula said...

"Robo-cop-voice" - a great way to describe it! When that 'voice' says to me "Sorry, I didn't get that!" my resonse is usually "That's because you're a bloody robot!" Pls forgive me - but God, what's happened to real people?

We won!! Any Moet left?

savannah said...

congratulations to y'alls team, sugar! enjoy the bubbly!! xoxox

Stephen Folan said...


expat@large said...

(Replies hoarsely) thanks all, it was a great match, and a great match to win!

marke said...

tch tch tch.

Bread and circuses!

.... it is pitiful how susceptible we are to being distracted while they pillage the earth...,

but then, it was indeed a great grand final (though for fairy tale endings, I'd have preferred the Saints to sneak in) Mark

expat@large said...

Mark: I think the pillaging all stopped in Victoria for 3 hrs on Saturday while everyone watched the game!

Was no Fairy Tale- the Cats won, Reality! Go Cats!

Jerine said...

Oh no...I was so hoping Saints win.

savannah said...

the (new orleans) saints did win, 27 - 7 over the bills! but that's american football, of course xoxox

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