Thursday, September 03, 2009


Last week was in Melbourne with family, this week in Sydney with a hordes of old friends (many from Melbourne) at a conference.

Two things - the Ibis hotel in Darling Harbour would have to have the worst rooms in Australia. I've had more luxurious and bigger rooms in one of those Tokyo business hotels where drunk salary-men sleep it off before returning to work next morning. Breeakfast there, however, was very good - toaster excellent.

Secondly, I had another great breakfast with No 1 son and GF at the Richmond Hill Larder's cafe and fromagerie on Saturday morning. It was windy and wet, and we had to wait for a small table. We got the same waiter as last few times, he is relaxed and accurate and offers great suggestions, despite the pressing crowd of foodies.

They use special eggs in the delicious scramble: organic, bio-gradable, omega-3 enhanced, free-range, hand-caught and polished eggs, pooped from the mulesed cloacae of exclusively lesbian chickens. Yummy. On REAL sourdough bread. The muesli, with the most gorgeous sweet, light sheep's milk yoghurt, flown in fresh by Lear Jet from the world's best dairy at Meredith (famed for the annual Naked 100m Run at it music fesitvals) was superb as well. Love eating there.

At the conference these past few days, friends were all asking where I plan to settle down when and if I return to Melbourne. Depsite the desperately unpleasant weather, what with the family still here, with the RHCL and the MCG nearby, where I am a overseas member greatly underutilizing its services , it's looking most likely to be Melbourne...


At the airport now, going over some Facebook things, it looks like Izzy is back from her Nordic sojourn, so I presume won't be returning to an empty flat!


Due a cancellation in my schedule (no Trang, Thailand next week after all) I will be in Singapore for a few weeks, so the chance to develop something like a rhythm in my life will be appreciated.



Indiana said...

Glad you'll be around for a while, cause I have some places we need to try here :-)

Have a hankering to do the champagne brunch at Raffles.

Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil if you return here you will be in trouble Fella. I will cause mischief in your life and you might end up on my Golf tournament tour.

I am just in the final negotiation stage of the booze sponsors for December so you will have a comfy day if the Pro Am allows it!

Insert Evil Laugh!

rockstar69 said...

Developing a rhythm. As a lapsed catholic I assume there's some method to that as well.

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