Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Whatsit

What's the name of the groove in the upper lip called again? I always forget. It really bugs me that I forget.

Ah, that's right - the philtrum.

Names of surface landmarks I DO remember -
the glabella,
the nasion,
the canthus (inner and outer),
the frenulum (frenula, they are all over the place),
the tragus,
the inion,
and my alltime favorite, the Dimples of Venus - everyone has them, despite what the Wikipedia says: you line them up for the lumbo-sacral junction radiography view.

Dimples of Venus, superior and lateral to the Cleft of Buttock, just follow the Trickles of Sweat.



Indiana said...

This whole post is a not so transparent excuse to post that photo of very attractive dimples ~grin~

expat@large said...

Indy: truly, it was a last minute inclusion.

Admittedly it was a GOOD last minute inclusion, but it WAS a last minute one.

DanPloy said...

Did Izzy take that photo of you?

Skippy-san said...

You have probably never heard of the "Cranston gap"-namely the gap between a well curved women's legs just below her vagina. The ideal separation being three fingers.

ALWAYS requires a hand measurement!

expat@large said...

Dan: which one? on FB? Or you mean the one of my sweaty butt?

Skip: I thought the Cranston Gap was a type of 20's dance...

Doin' the Cranston,
doin' the Cranston,
doin' the Cranston Gap!

Joanne Casey said...

My dimples of venus are more like the craters on the moon!

expat@large said...

Joanne: never mind, some people are into astronomy.

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