Monday, March 16, 2009

iGive Up

There is no way to sync my iPhone and my iPod, to both the iTunes on my iMac AND the iTunes on my PC is there? Everything is legal. For once I would like things TO JUST FUCKING WORK like Apple boffins claim they do.

You see I have about 28GB of songs on this PC, a fairly different 50GB or so on the iMac, 18GB on the iPod, and nothing but a few songs to listen to on the way home tonight on the iPhone.

I'm going to go home tonight, plug the new iPhone into my iMac and it's going to say, "uFuck off!" isn't it?

Is what I ask, what I expect after spending so much money, so freaking unreasonable?

You know what? I think I know what Apple represents...

I know what you represent. You
represent the idiocy of today.

Ted shakes his head.

I don't represent that, either.

Oh yes. You're the guy when I went to
ask about that moronic iPhone.

The iPhone's not----

You're in league with that moronic
iPhone. You're part of a league of


Yes. You're one of the morons I've
been fighting all my life. My whole
fucking life. But guess what. Guess
what. Today I win.


It seems like everytime I try to do something my way, life will only work in the other direction. I'm driving the wrong way up Apple's mindless-yuppy-friendly-products Street.

And fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck if the neat little docking station I bought for the iPhone2G last year for my desk at work DOESN'T FIT THE iPhone3G! These are the things that root me arse-ragged over Apple. I had avoided Apple for the last several hundred years because I resented their ultra-franchisable sucker-every-minute consumables that don;t look like consumables until you upgrade, the way they clip money off you at every fucking turn for every tiny do-hickey must have piece of shite...

I am going to have a cerebro-vascular catastrophe, I swear it. If you guys could see my right carotid artery just now and what sneaky invasions of cholesterol it harbours, clinging to a fatty streak thread, you'd all be praying for me at this instant.

I will either have to go on a low-sodium diet or defenstrate my entire white-moulded logo-enriched agglutination of iThings... iSimplify my life. (You know 50% of the time that I'm at home, on my iMac, I'm running Parallels and Vista...)

So. It's come to this. It is either Apple or Vegemite.


Yes, I know the easiest thing would be to just make sure the libraries on my PC and my iMac match up first right, THEN do the sync. I'll bring the PC's portable HHD home tonight and dump all the iMac songs onto it...



Spike said...

So, I have developed a method to connect any iPod or iPhone to any computer to download the music or movies from that computer to the iPod or iPhone.

Lost in Melbourne said...

I warned you last week about the outstanding success you are having with Apple products.

It's not your brand mate, you should have gone with another phone fella.

expat@large said...

Spike: of course I could have just given you a call, but where is the blog entry in that?

Scott: I think you're right. I really do.

dibabear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dibabear said...

^ That was me. I really need to finish reading your rants before saying "Oh! Oh! Oh! I can help!" :-)

You might take a look at SuperSync. It will sync multiple iTunes libraries. I use it to sync my laptop and workstation beasts.

expat@large said...

Thanks DiBab: I downloaded Supersync (and registered!) and am going to use to make my iPod maintain library consistency across the home iMac and work laptop PC. I think the iPhone will just have get its songs from the laptop as that's what I use when I travelling or in the office. Sad really. I am definitely not an Apple person... (song playing on iTunes - Smile Like You Mean It.)

Dan@EPL said...

Never been a fan of iTunes. Try Media Monkey instead.

BTW, in Sillypore til Thurs with Mrs if you'd care to meet up for a drinkie or food...


expat@large said...

Sorry Dan, missed that. Have been busy anyway. I am off to BKK for 2 weeks, working.

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