Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ice Coffee With Coffee Ice

Can't freaking well sleep. Fucking caffeine! Whose idea was it to sit at the bar and drink a caffeine depth charge (the ice-cubes in the ice-coffee are made of frozen coffee!) just before going to his room, watching Steven Seagal come out of a coma, reading the Thai subtitles because the Lounge Band's piano and drum machine are pounding away much too loud even though E@L is the only one around?


E@L's belly is now doing a jig thanks to that 310Baht (about $8USD) meal of fiery (he was warned, ped mak mak) chicken jungle curry, hor mok talay (mild seafood curry in congealed coconut), two bowls of jasmine rice and two large bottles of Beer Chang (rice-based instead of malt or wheat). Constant companion whilst in Thailand - Gelusil antacid tablets.

At the waterpark restaurant next door to the hotel, a thick fog of mosquitoes buzzed around but they mostly were reluctant to land, thanks to E@L's alien pheromones*. He swatted a few with his copy of Kavan's "Who Are You?, ironically enough. (You'd have read it to know why that is ironic.) Bats too, slow small ones, flitting lazily across the tables, never seen them fly so slowly, feasting on the mozzies.

One night in Bangkok, in the used-car lot end of town.


* Asian mosquitoes don't like E@L. What can I say? This is not a metaphor.


dibabear said...

Aye but you're lovin' it, don't kid me. The spicy food, the cold beer, the easy on the eye candy, the ghost of Bruce hovering about.

Apropos of nothing much but for that made up Steak and B.J. day, a discussion ensued among some women about whether they would agree to such terms. I cut the discussion short by saying "don't worry! I bet that there is a restaurant in Bangkok where a man can get a cold beer, a great steak, and an equally great b.j. without ever having to leave the table." Not that I would know (I don't) but I'd heard enough of the "it depends what he got me for Valentine's Day."

expat@large said...

Dibabe: Not aware of the Steak and BJ restaurant. Not really a steak person. But there is allegedly a No Hands restaurant where the waitresses feed you sushi - rumour has it they will blo-fish you as well.

Momentary Madness said...

Stimulant will stimulate the nervous system.
Chamomile tea / St. John's Wort
Or plain old Valium 5mils to shut down the N system.

expat@large said...

MM: dude it is a very unique (= American) thing to have this pschomodulative kit of legal pharmaceuticals ever-handy... LOL! (I am talking about the valium, not the tea!) Only my mum has so many drugs.

It comes from not having our cable TV run by Big Pharma, telling us every minute that what we feel means that something is wrong.

Dick Headley said...

I haven't read the Kavan book so I can't comment on the swatting process or any irony therein. I am familiar with the second Chang feeling. That stuff can stun.

expat@large said...

DH: Yes, well, no. That is E@L at his most repulsively elitist.

Set in Burma, the husband/rapist (Mr Dog Head) comes down with malaria after the unnamed sensitive young girl leaves the windows open and lets in all the mosquitoes, you see. Anna K was married off at a young age to some Britsh brute who lived in Burma, in reality.

At least so far. I haven't finished yet... and apparently it (the "action") all happens again, re-told from a slightly differnt perspective. Very Robbe-Grillet.

Modern fiction, what can you say?

Dick Headley said...

I will look into it when I get a chance. Bit of a backlog at the moment...'STP' Robert Greenfield, 'High Times Reader', and a critical analysis of Richard Brautigan....sixties stuff.

dibabear said...

Better living through chemistry! But yeah, I'd rather sit up all night after a great late night coffee than take a sedative. That'd be like drinking alcohol free beer. What's the point?

And the ads in the U.S. are maddening. I mean, how can I tell if the little guy is too small if I have ( vewy quiet) erectile dysfunction? Maybe I'd just confuse being too small for not growing a mighty oak? It's all so confusing.

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