Tuesday, March 03, 2009

...Cinema As Art Can Really Survive

"Only fillums like this can guarantee that Cinema as Art can really survive."

Zizec on Children of Men

My god, all I'm doing lately is posting links to YouTube. Looks like I'm turning into Dick Headley!



savannah said...

but did you read the book, sugar? xoxox

expat@large said...

Sav: What do we say on this blog about P.D. James?

I read James? - I be ashames!

expat@large said...

OK I'll download the Audiobook but I expect to be disappointed.

savannah said...

i'm sorry, sugar, i wasn't clear! i did read part of it and that's why i never saw the really was a trash book. and i really do like p.d.james ;) xoxox

Dick Headley said...

Don't worry, it's probably just a mild case of blogger fatigue. You have a way to go before you turn into Dick Headley.

expat@large said...

Sav: thanks, ah, my faith is partially restored. I just can't get into the Baroness's books. Yet other crime stuff I love, like the early Scarpetta novels. I do like Ian Rankin.

DH: a case of blogger having a social life actually. Been busy. Yesterday though, two posts, not so much busy in the office!

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