Thursday, March 12, 2009

iAnalyze Myself

Your Working Style

You use your thinking to find the principles underlying whatever ideas come into your awareness. You rely on thinking to develop these principles and to anticipate consequences. As a results, you are logical, analytical, and objectively critical. You are likely to focus more on the ideas than the person behind the ideas. [Person? That animated meat-slab is a PERSON?]

You organize ideas and knowledge rather than situations or people, unless you must for the sake of your work. In the field of ideas you are intensely curious. [But woefully inadequate.] Socially, you tend to have a small circle of close friends, and like being with others who enjoy discussing ideas. [Pay that.] You can become so absorbed with an idea that you can ignore or lose track of external circumstances.

You are somewhat quiet and reserved, although you can be quite talkative on a subject to which you have given a lot of thought. You are quite adaptable so long as your ruling principles are not violated, at which point you stop adapting. [...and start yelling!] Your main interest lies in seeing possibilities beyond what is present, obvious, or unknown. You are quick to understand and your intuition heightens your insight, ingenuity, and intellectual curiosity.

Depending on your interests, you are good at pure science, research, mathematics, or engineering; you may become scholars, teachers, or abstract thinkers in fields such as economics, philosophy, or psychology. You are more interested in the challenge of reaching solutions to problems than of seeing the solutions put to practical use. [Like making money out of them.]

Unless you develop your perception, you are in danger of gaining too little knowledge and experience of the world. Then your thinking is done in a vacuum and nothing will come of your ideas. Lack of contact with the external world may also lead to problems in making yourself understood. You want to state the exact truth, but often make it so complicated that not everyone can follow you. [Let me explain why... (still talking two days later...)] If you can learn to simplify your arguments, your ideas will be more widely understood and accepted.

You may rely so much on logical thinking that you overlook what other people care about and what you yourself care about. You may decide that something is not important, just because it isn't logical to care about it. [Like religion?] If you always let your logic suppress your feeling values, your feeling may build up pressure until it is expressed in inappropriate ways.

Although you excel at analyzing what is wrong with an idea, it is harder for you to express appreciation. [Thanks a lot, arsehole!] But if you try, you will find it helpful on the job as well as in personal relationships. [Emphasis and comments, mine.]


Suitable Careers

  • archaeologist
  • architect
  • artist
  • astronomer
  • attorney
  • biologist
  • chemist
  • computer analyst or programmer
  • engineer
  • financial planner
  • graphic designer
  • historian
  • inventor
  • mathematician
  • musician
  • philosopher
  • photographer
  • physician
  • psychiatrist
  • researcher
  • scientist
  • university professor
  • writer


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Momentary Madness said...

I have to think about that.

savannah said...


look, writer is listed there! ya'll are on the right life path! ;)

DanPloy said...

Is financial planning a career?

Lost in Melbourne said...

I have a similar test last week for a course I was doing and I was told I would make a good lawyer. I am not so sure about that.

But at least most of the other suggestions probably do fit well with my personality.

expat@large said...

MM: any results yet? Of your thinking?

Sav: iNdeed.

Dan: Careful mate, Scott is listening.

Scott: Now, I could be nasty and say something about S******... but you know I'm too nice a guy to do that.

Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil it was nothing to do with being a bastard, the lawyer fit was more about the communication and influencing tendency, as the other suggestions fell more into that group.

Are you going to become a professor?

expat@large said...

Scott: sure, you say that now!

I think THIS psych quiz was more of a random results generator. The questions are hokum - You see something shiny in the river, what is it? A key? A coin? A magic ring that makes you invisible and gives you the urge to control the whole of MiddleEarth?

Being a Professor of Partaay, that's the plan.

rambeaux said...

Hey, you copied my profile!

expat@large said...


rambeaux said...

Hmm. Obviously I need to explain my joke in excruciating detail... [apologies to other blommentators in this thread]

Upon reading your psycho/logical profile I was struck by the similarity of the description to my own habits and propensities to behave. 'How apt!', I thought, that should I share such tendencies with a another human, that that human is he to whom I am most likely most closely related to amongst all humans...

Of course the humour in my comment is inherent in the fact that the idea that you would steal my profile is utterly absurd:
1. Why steal when you could create your own?
2. If mine were so similar, surely you would be interested in seeing the similarities that would emerge should you create your own.
3. I have not created a psychological profile for you to steal.
4. I do not write a blog, therefore if I had created a profile, how would you have found it?
5. Of course our profiles would be similar, given that we are in fact quite similar.

So, given that the comment (at face vale) is totally absurd, there must have been some deeper, secondary meaning. Somewhere below the surface, it must be implying something not explicitly mentioned within the printed words.

Ahh! Maybe point 5 on the list of absurdities is not obvious to all. Maybe I was obliquely referring to that fact, and stating it in a way that required one to recognise the absurdity of the comment itself, yet realise that there was an underlying truth. That were you to steal my profile, that it would in fact probably be very similar to the genuine profile you did indeed post!

See? Hilarious!

expat@large said...

RBX: Hilarious? Larf-a-farking -minute.

I have to admit I be thinking - profile, what farkin' profile? I do be checking like the FB, like the Google...

LOL! Big hugs, man!

BTW there is ONE other human to whom you are equally related. Your mum. Have you given her a call lately?

expat@large said...

knife, twist...

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