Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iTouch Myself

I tried the latest Pwnage jailbreaking software to unbrick my iPhone, which stupidly I had tried to upgrade to 2.2 firmware a coupla weeks ago. I went to SimLim Square last weekend but the guy in the SliPhone shop wanted $120 bucks, then $100, then $80 to fix it.

Fuck dat, I can do this at home for free, right?

It had got as far as transforming the iPhone into an iTouch that first time (everything worked except the phone function), but when I tried to run it again last weekend (after the SimLim Square attempted robbery) to get the phone working, thinking maybe it had something to do with the SIM card being In, or maybe Out, Pwnage got stuck in a loop, not doing anything much useful at all, and the phone was stuck in DFU (internal upgrade) mode: an iBrick.

Black, sleek, useless - too light for a doorstop and too theft-worthy for a paperweight.

Eventually, while re-reading the fine print on the Dev-Team Blog this afternoon, I came to the gradual understanding that my iMac was the problem. There was something about the USB controller for OS-X 10.5.6 that Pwnage doesn’t like. I had to join the Apple Developers Team to download a DOWNGRADE of the USB controller (10.5.5 version) to get Pwnage working again. I did this, downgraded, rebooted and tried once more with Pwnage. But of course, before I could use Pwnage I first had to restore the proper iPhone software with iTunes. All this takes time you know.

After a while, multiple reboots of phone and computer; success: I had an iTouch again. Still no phone functionality.

I restored the upgrade of the USB controllers to my iMac and rebooted the system again.

Mmm. I wondered if ZiPhone would help. That's some Russian jailbreaking and unlocking software that I believe Spike had initially used to crack the iPhone when he had it.

I tried it. It wouldn’t find the iPhone for some reason. Smart me, I tried restoring the iPhone with iTunes hoping it would catch before the iTunes locks me out, but damn, there goes the Pwnage software and it keeps going, into iPhone restore mode. Now, after a few long minutes iTunes wants the valid SIM card and won’t recognize the iPhone until it gets one. Fuck. Pretty much iBrickd again. Interestingly, it's not a total iBrick. There is some instruction in Spanish across the bottom of the screen and a diagram of a USB connector that does come up. On the iMac it says that it can only find the iPhone locked in Recover mode and needs to be Restored again - it's not finding it with iTunes at all.

Now ZiPhone *almost* recognized the iPhone when it was starting its iTunes Restore, but it (ZiPhone) locked up as well, as it sent the phone into Recovery mode, then it too did nothing for ages, so I cranked it down, unplugged the iPhone (iBrck).

Maybe it was the USB thing still.

I downgraded the USB controller and rebooted my iMac to try once more.

iTunes still wanted a valid (American AT&T) SIM card. ZiPhone still didn't recognize the iPhone. I thought, hey, I may as well try Pwnage again. Un-DFU the iPhone manually (10secs both Power and Main buttons, 10 seconds Main button only), restore the Apple defaults, run Pwnage, and yep, it eventually re-iTouches my iPhone. I then ran the Unlock function of ZiPhone. It put a caricature of Steve Jobs, saying something in Cyrllic script, on the iPhone and sent it into recovery mode. Locked up, out-brickd, checkmated again. I quit.

I restore the proper USB controller and reboot the iMac, AGAIN.

All this has taken, what? 3 1/2 hours?

Fuck. What a wank!

(Chrissy Amphlett is from my home town. She used to be in the same class as my good buddy Joe.)

Question: Should I just pay the guy in SimLim Square the $80 (this is a 2G iPhone, I can't do email when I travel) or get a 3G iPhone, OR... should I hold out for the next version of the HTC Magic Google phone, due in Singapore mid-April I believe?



savannah said...

yes, that's exactly what you should do, sugar! :D


savannah said...

(i am laughing out loud here at my cleverness!)


Spike said...

ZiPhone will only work against certain versions of the operating system. Which means not just restoring your phone but also possibly downgrading to version 1.x rather than 2.x on the phone OS.

Look at it this way. How much is an hour of your time worth to you? How much do you earn in an hour? How many hours do you want to continue to spend doing this, possibly without success, vs. spending 80 bucks?

(Or send me a plane ticket to join you in Boracay and I'll fix it up for you.)

I don't think the Android OS phone is a world-beater. Get a 3G iphone or move over to a 3G blackberry (but not the blackberry storm). Or wait for the Palm Pre. Windows Mobile is worse than garbage and Symbian is hanging by a thread.

expat@large said...

Sav: you're a witty fecker! Bless your heart.

Spike: do I need the iPhone though? I mean, like, I don't plan on listening to fart apps and the like! ;-) Just want SMS, LOUD phone, music, email and reasonable camera. I know the HTC uses a small plug for earphone (I had the Dopod a while ago, same same), but iPhone uses special plug also, and not all my (good) heapdhones squeeze into it either without an adaptor.

It all makes you wonder. Do companies PURPOSELY make crap and leave key features out? You'd think not, but it's a remake of The Man In The White Flannel Suit as far as I am concerned.

Spike said...

You don't >need< an iPhone but I happen to like it quite a bit. It does a better job with music than any other phone and I think the way it handles email is second only to the Blackberry. And while you may not want to run apps that fart or belch, there are actually quite a few useful things to be found in the app store - currency converters and language translators as just two examples. The old iPhone needs a special plug adapter for the headphones, the new ones don't. I think since email is important to you, you either upgrade to the newer iPhone or migrate to a Blackberry (which won't do as good a job on the multimedia stuff and has far fewer 3rd party apps available).

expat@large said...

Spike: I think that you are correct, I should just bite the bullet and buy the freaking iPhone.

expat@large said...

Anotrher issue is roaming charges, because I'll be doing all my email GPRS-based with the iPhone when out of the country. I believe that they hit you incredible hard for that.

Spike said...

One word: wifi. I always leave international data roaming turned off when I travel (and thankful that the iPhone has a dedicated setting for this).

expat@large said...

Yep, discussed that already with the resident phone geek here in the office. Anyway, it's my company's problem not mine - they pay all my bills. It's a shocking attitude in these troubled times, but in 5 years no questions asked thus far.

savannah said...

that bit of info re wifi is just what i needed to hear! thanks, spike!

e@l...there's no pleasing you, austin powers! ;) xoxox

Lost in Melbourne said...

What about the Nokia E63? It has WiFi and a full size headphone socket, as well as a full keyboard.

knobby said...

you have faaaar too much time on your hands.

and money.

and time!

when's the novel out in stores again?

expat@large said...

Sav: I'm happy already!

Scott: Nokia - speaker too quiet for my ailing ears

Knobby: damn you......

OK: Chapter 1, Page 1.

It was the best of phones, it was the worst of phones...

Lost in Melbourne said...

Too Quiet? OK, good tip as I am about to get a new phone myself, and was planning on a Nokia. The main reason being that Nokia generally make a pretty good phone.

My feedback on the iPhone is that it is good for a lot of things but not so good at being a phone!

expat@large said...

Scott: too quiet for an old man like with damaged ear drums. See my last post of February.

Also my E61i's power cable finds it really hard to get contact and start charging - it takes ten minutes of holding my tongue to the left while crossing and uncrossing my toes for it fire up. You cannot charge through the USB cable with a Nokia, only the power cable. iPhone you can.

Lost in Melbourne said...

Alright it seems like you are already buying a 3G iPhone.

Let's hope it gives you less trouble than the rest of the Apple products in your apartment...

Unknown said...

Christ! Sounds painful.

Tell me... does the most current incarnation of the iPhone have bluetooth?

expat@large said...

Scott: turns out my Singtel contract has expired, so it's easy to slip nto a new one with a cheap new phone, using the business discount. $89 for the 16GB iPhone, plus the a slightly lower monthly contract I was already on. Silly not to really.

Muz: yep, Bluetooth. Even the 2G had Bluetooth.

Momentary Madness said...

I do occasionally too. Don't sweat it;-) ;-) ;-)

rockstar69 said...

NOw onto important matters!! I once saw sweet Chrissie Amphlett squat down and piss on stage. Got all the boys excited!!!


expat@large said...

RS69: All the boys in town? Get me out of here!

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