Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It Is A Truth, Universally Acknowledged... (NSFKids)

… that a single man, staying alone in a hotel in Thailand, must be in want of a fuck.

So thought the bellhop as E@L moved towards the hotel lifts tonight. But E@L, soon enough aware of the bellhop's motivation, just kept pressing the Close button - even though the closing mechanism had already started! "You stay alone? Want lady..." E@L smiled and shook his head as the man's face was wiped away like a PowerPoint transitional animation...

Sorry to disappoint you, but no, E@L doesn’t always need to fuck somebody every night for crying out loud. In fact, E@L's mojo, which has been boot-level for a coupla years now, thanks to chronic foot pain and chronic foot pain medication, never was that outrageously high. E@L just loves that bit in Stephenson's Cryptonomicon where whatsiname, the wartime mathematical genius, plots his ability to concentrate against his sexual frustration levels, and charts how they are altered by a wank; moderately, as opposed to sleeping with a hooker (she's also a Nazi spy, of course); more radically. Truth be told, E@L gets by moderately well most of the time.

Yes, the girls in Thailand can be gorgeous, lithesome, horny and hard-bodied. But many are also victims of exploitation by crime syndicates, and by sheer poverty and that is a major turn off for E@L. His limbic urges and his moral/ethical reasoning battle it out, as do all of ours. There is a battle in the heart of man. He tries, like a good doctor to do no harm. Sometimes he fails. Good does not always triumph. The giant inertial fly-wheel of his conscience, set in motion during his childhood, keeps turning, however. He sees degradation, exploitation, the evil of man, the dehumanization of the desperate and victimized. It stinks, it ain't sexy.


Which reminds me of a debate that's been going on over at Creepy's: it's a total fucking turn-on to have a deeply passionate kiss from a incredibly pretty girl, hooker or not. If she wants me to finish, a bit of tongue sucking will push E@L over the tipping point, everytime.


The right kind of kiss can be more erotic than the act of penetration, at least sometimes.*


From your guide to the mystical world of sex...


* Personal Freudian note. Do not read if you don't want to get to too close...

The Ex would not kiss for our last five years of marriage, even though we fucked a lot (as I remember it. "A lot" may be relative to your particular mojo.). That really fucked me around.

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