Saturday, February 07, 2009

Warm Enough For ya?

It is predicted to be 44degrees Celcius in Melbourne and Geelong today. That's 111F in the primitive, old-fashioned, American methods of measuring things. That's pretty freaking hot. It will be the hottest day on record they are saying.

It'll be bad, really bad. How bad?

In fact, it'll be the worst day in history no less.

The previous record high was set in 1983, when bushfires ripped through the Otways (down by Bell's Beach for those of you who remember the movie "Point Break"). I remember the ashes in the air 50kms up wind. And a giant dust-storm, such as you'd see in Arabia or northern Africa, rolled across the state.

I hope my mum stays indoors and avoids her usual lawn-bowls routine. No-one in Melbourne has air-con because it only gets real hot like this for a few days a year...

Stay cool Victoria!


Meanwhile, in London, The Ex is up to her ankles in snow!

Global warming... or global storming?

Australia hot, England cold. I don't see any major cognitive dissonances there.



Anonymous said...

The SunShine's On The Righteous

expat@large said...
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expat@large said...
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expat@large said...

Oh I give up...

rockstar69 said...

44!! 47 it was and down Geelong way has been spared. It has, however, ripped the shit out of everything from Kilmore round in a southeastern arc to Drouin. 25 dead so far but there'll be more when the police can get in the area to find them. Overall, it lived up to the "worst day ever" tag.

expat@large said...

It's all over the BBC news over here. 47! OMFG!

Indiana said...

I have just caught up with all the news, shit...they are saying worse than "ash wednesday".

rockstar69 said...


Now it has officially has kicked the living suitcase out of Ash Wednesday. Toll at 65 and is likely to rise to become the worst bushfire toll in Australia's history!

Had family and friends in close proximity to the Kilmore end (only 45kms from home) and have spent the day checking on their welfare.

Fires still raging and, even with more moderate temperatures, likely to do so for the week (no rain in sight).

expat@large said...

They're saying 79 now!

Relief orgs include:



SEND MONEY!$1+Million+bushfire+relief+fund

rockstar69 said...

Monday morning and it is 108!!!!

One of the dead is Brian Naylor at his property in Kinglake which was virtually wiped out.

We wait in shock and do what we can. As for me, a complete and utter needle wimp, I'm donating blood (got no money so that's it).

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