Thursday, February 19, 2009


Image of In the CutImage of Christine FallsImage of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo Image of The Courage Consort

Yes, it's been one of those "Please wait in the corridor" kind of weeks.

Plus I don't like Kuala Lumpur AT ALL (Truly Asia = truly shitehole) and my hotel is a shithole, (a shithole within a shithole!) so I just sit in various nasi padang restaurants and coffee shops by myself reading in the evenings.

Productive. Only 3500 books in my library to go.



savannah said...

the girl with the dragon tattoo arrived yesterday! so don't tell me anything about it, sugar. i started christine falls, but put it down and never went back to it...did i make a mistake? should i start again? the other two haven't made it to my shelf yet...xoxox

Dick Headley said...

I'll never get round to reading all those. How's the toast?

expat@large said...

Sav: Christine Falls - maybe you have to be of Irish descent... and hate nuns... I didn't like reading about the young American man, just found him repulsive, but loved big sad guy.

Don't rush with Courage Consort, it is a slighter piece, very well written, but not going to change my world-view. Except to say I wish I could write that well.

DH: up to you. Why you no take book?

Toast!!! - you really know how to hurt a guy... as cockroach scurries from breadboard...

savannah said...

well, part of that is true...12 years of catholic school..i'll pick it up again. thank you, sugar. xoxo

Dick Headley said...

I can read and eat toast dammit. Today it's 'Television' by Jean-Philippe Toussaint followed by Stanley Booth's 'Keith'.

expat@large said...

Sav: I'd say 99% satisfying as a thriller/mystery. Ultimately it's a real novel. But with a sequel!

Dick: you know I've gotta hunt them up... btw: Is it true that only the English give a fuc about French intellectuals?

Dick Headley said...

Yes there's probably some truth in that. I'd reword it though....French intellectuals are the only foreign intellectuals the English give a fuck about with the exception of a few Germans. Robert Hughes and Clive James are regarded as amusing anomalies.

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