Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Drama: Results Revealed

No they weren't. I'm bullshitting you.

But, like who would give a fuck if they were?

Even if the kids from the Slumdogs of Mumbai/Delhi/Kalicut/wherever win gold-plated Rolls-Royces, there's still going to be a squillion desperate poor people living under plastic and tin sheets in 6' by 7' hovels (with televisions), shitting and pissing on the side of the road in India, dying of malnutrition and simple, preventable, treatable diseases, and I won't be watching the Oscars.

Even if Kate Winslet wins for "Best Tits in Holocaust Movie" the attempted genocide of Jews will have been committed by more or less literate Germans (and if not actually assisted, then certainly not hindered by people like the future saint Pope Pius XII) and nothing can change history, unless it is more convenient when making a movie of that history to change it a bit. In the book, the Winslet character, a German worker at Auschwitz, uh-huh, learns the truth about the extent of the Holocaust through the books she studies while learning to read, Primo Levi and the like, while in the movie she reads benign shite like, what, Jane Austen?, and I won't be watching the Oscars.

Even if a drunk, naked Hugh Jackman falls off-stage, piercing his genitalia on the steel bras of Madonna Ciccione, I won't give be watching the Oscars. Well maybe I'd catch that on YouTube once the fuss had died down.

Because like most Dog-fearing, anti-gambling, anti-globalism, anti-AynRand atheists, I couldn't give a shit in a shopping-bag made of American Express cards about the fucking Oscars. If the movies are any good, no doubt I'll hear about it elsewhere, and then I'll pick them up in a market Soi next time I'm in Bangkok.

And if the movie houses crumble, as at least some seem to be doing, either let Obama bail them out or let the free market save them.



savannah said...

well ok then, sugar...but tell me this, how do you really feel? xoxoxo

Skippy-san said...

My, My, My-somebody got up on the wrong side of the DVD player this morning.............

I'll give you one reason I won't be watching the Oscars-the show is just too damn long.

expat@large said...

Well, I'd been reading this and thinking about it - yeah in Schlink's book there's this awakening as she reads about it. That is NOT in the movie. It was pretty implausible in the book that she could miss it all despite working there, but I am sure many Germans, particularly the illeterate, had little idea of the SCALE of the thing. I'd ask my German ex-father in-law, but he'd probably claim a bad memory, or that he was only following orders or that he was only 9 or somesuch rubbish...

And I just finished this, which is about the Catholic Church abetting ex-Nazis escape the war-crimes tribunals, which got me a bit riled up, so I bought the Hitler's Pope book, plus the next one in the series.

And I saw a bit on the BBC (can't find it on the website) showing the family living conditions of the one of the kids in the movie - he got $5,000 and now the money is all gone and they are still in their plastic sheet "house" the size of my maid's bathroom... There's this chilling scene in the BBC clip where the father tells the kid not to embarrass them but the little kid is telling the father instead that he doesn't want to keep living like this, like a dog.

Not that giving $10,000 would have helped either.

Going to sleep on the wrong side of the bed now, but heading for HK in the morning.

Quite a few people have copped an earful today. And my steak dinner at Brasserie Wolf was crap btw.

Up the medication says my flatmate.

expat@large said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
savannah said...

i <3 u, sugar! xoxo

(jaysus, that had to make you laugh dammit! i'm resorting to txspk for you!!!!)

expat@large said...

Sav: What's really amusing is that I had to go to a txt > English translator to read that! LOL!!

You're a champ!

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