Friday, February 13, 2009

Ah, my picture, he gone.

Looks like there's another of those cock-ups at Google. Blogger isn't showing any picture - you may, duh'rrr, have already noticed this at your Blogger blogs.

Getting one of those "you look like an automated robot request therefore we are denying access" screens whenever I try to look at pictures on my, or most other people's, websites.



savannah said...

i think it's localized, sugar...i've had no problem. xoxox

Anonymous said...

No problems with mine too.

expat@large said...

Might be this ^%&*ing iMac again!

Momentary Madness said...

...... all my pictures have fallen from the wall where I placed them yesterday, I need a crowd of people but I can't face them day to day."

savannah said...

i HAVE a MAC laptop, too, sugar, remember? xoxox

(btw, have you heard from scorpy?)

expat@large said...

OK, It's back, but it was certainly playing up yesterday, for example all the Blogger icons of Followers were blank as well. Now only a few are.

Sav: you may have a Mac, but my Magic Fingers of Destruction (c) (aka MFoD) have not touched it. Therefore it lives. Remember these are the MFoD which crashed my iMac 15 times on the first day.

It Just Works? Bullshit. In the sense of It BARELY Works is more like it.

savannah said...

ok, so i guess it is you, darling! ;) xoxo

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