Monday, February 09, 2009

My Youth

There was no courtship music when I was young. There was Prog and 'Eavy and then - suddenly! - there was Punk. Eeek! Just one excuse after another to hang in the corner w/ with the lads. Safety in numbers. School and college discos weren't no help neither - it was all Bachman-Turner-Overdrive, Jeff Beck's "Hi Ho Silver Lining", "Jet" by Wings, Genesis' "I Know What I Like" (yeah, just rub it in, Gabriel, whydontcha?), Bowie's "Jean Genie", Sabbaff's "Paranoid"...I mean, I'd kill to go to a disco like that now - but it just didn't...ah, shucks, you know...Disco was strictly for poofs, so it didn't get played and we all stuck to one side of the wall, chugging on our dad's hip-flasks and smoking Peter Stuyvesants, while the gurls stayed over on their side giggling and flicking their hair and pretending to be in Pan's People...a few brave strutting manchiks would brave no-man's land, but quickly return looking perplexed...
Kid Shirt

Something of my young days there.

Apart from Wings. Paul McCartney? What a ponce! He was like the snooty rich kid in "21up". Only John Lennon and George Harrison were acceptable ex-Beatles. And who are Pan's People?



HKMacs said...

I detest Paul McCartney - especially Wings.

DanPloy said...


It seemed Mull of Kintyre was oozing out of every paper and polypropylene orifice in the UK for the best part of a decade. It was a big factor in my choosing to emigrate from there.

expat@large said...

Dan: It was one of those songs that never end, this recursive chant that wouldn't go away... That's probably why it was on the radio all the time, it was still going...

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