Friday, February 27, 2009

Fuck Off Chinese Blogspot

What the fuck is this!?!?!?!?

Fuck off with the chinese orredy! It has taken me about 250 freaking clicks to get to where I can fucking read the instructions on my own blog! Hey, blogger, would you fuck off with the lcoal language bullshit. I had the same trouble in Dubai, the same trouble in Thailand. Check the default language for my profile you wnakers!



Clicking randomly on these chinese characters, I think I may have marked my own blog as a politicaly suspect site - a red flag appeared there, somewhere! Oops, wonder what that means? Back to the old blog?


OK, so I may have been out with Spike and HKPhooey at Uno Mas (the old Klong, for those of you of my vintage) - great tapas, great beer, poured into a little glass bowl/cup - and then out with others (scarey, when the Sticky Fingers band started playing their Queen medley: "Ooooh, I want to take you home tonight" three Western fat bottomed girls women [lovely people but technically 50'ZDs] turned their big moo-cow eyes towards me... longingly... desperately...), and overall I drank way too much to be able to focus or you or them, or indeed take anyone home, and of course I have to work tomorrow...

That's HKPhooey pouring a beer...

Recommended - Uno Mas, I mean!... not drinking too much when you have to work next day!


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