Friday, October 10, 2008

Steinbeck Updated

How funny is this?  

For those who miss the "joke" in the child's txt message, here's the reference from the movie - I don't have the book here to quote exactly the original words:

Tom Joad: Well, maybe it's like Casy says. A fellow ain't got a soul of his own, just little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everybody, then... 
Ma Joad: Then what, Tom? 
Tom Joad: Then it don't matter. I'll be all around in the dark - I'll be everywhere. Wherever you can look - wherever there's a fight, so hungry people can eat, I'll be there. Wherever there's a cop beatin' up a guy, I'll be there. I'll be in the way guys yell when they're mad. I'll be in the way kids laugh when they're hungry and they know supper's ready, and when the people are eatin' the stuff they raise and livin' in the houses they build - I'll be there, too.  

A quote in the IHT this morning resonates well with this cartoon.  In regards to how the $700bn bailout is reminsicent of the late 90's crisis and bailout of Japan's banks, a finance professor in Japan said: 

"The final chapter of the crisis may be when Americans finally learn to live within their means."

Steinbeck may be rolling in his grave, but I hope he is not holding his breath.



Dick Headley said...

Good one. I got the Joad reference but, to my shame, I had to look up bloomin' onion

expat@large said...

Dick: this is why we love you so much. Paul Hogan, once seen throwing shrimps on American TV's barbies (al fresco grills, not mammary gland enhanced dolls) has a long history of finding onions blooming delectably under dry-rotting logs in the outer reaches Pilabara - bush tucker, oh so nice with a spicy McLaren Vale shiraz.

Dick Headley said...

Yum. I can picture one sizzling on a roo tail steak.

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