Friday, October 17, 2008

23 Hrs Without Alcohol!

My God, I've nearly made it the full day! What a freaking achievement! I am sipping a fruit lassi at the moment! Cool, refreshing, fattening.

These last two weeks, during which I have barely had time time to scratch my arse let alone attach latex things to it, have been socially incomparable. Incomparable with Paris Hilton's anyway. Working flat-chat every day, (OK a little bit quiet in Hong Kong) doing a lot of training and stuff, and we've been out socialising every night! Even nearly made it to the infamous Zouk on one occassion - with Iz at a party at Velvet Underground which is the door on the right Zouk on the left. Cool party, free beer, vampyre teeth, etc..., but I neeed to buy socks to disguise my down-market sandals from the sensitive eyes of the paying customers. I mean, my God, how pathetic.

Yep, pissing on most every spare moment of late. Like last night: a quiz at the Old Brown Shoe. Guess who got 9/10 right of the Food & Beverages questions? You bet - old fat guts E@L! (Missed question: "baked twice" = biscuit, or biscotti - who woulda known?) It took four Kilkennys to facilitate that feat [shit, no, five - I spilled half of one!], plus a Little Creatures or two at the end. Every other topic we tanked on - films, current affairs (2/10!), random shite...

But the grog and partying, man. I'm feeling it. Feeling old. Feet still playing up, which doesn't help. Need sleep. Left my camera at one of the hospitals today. Just left it on the work-bench; one of the sonographers found it and called me about an hour later. So pooped, I fell asleep in the car on the way home mid conversation. Shackered. Really, I gotta stop this.

I know! Why don't I go to Australia for a fortnight - they don't drink alcohol down there!

Firstly though - an early night tonight. Afternoon off - gym, laps of the pool - for the first exercises in two weeks as well. Then to PanPac for martinis to provide the alcohol needed to burn off that unheralded exercise...


p.s. in other news the world economy has exploded into tiny pieces, some of which may be carcinogenic - please breathe through the gaps in your income until further notice.


Indiana said...

Martinis tonight will cure this "alcohol free" thing that is threatening your very sanity.

expat@large said...

What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger! Or stupider...

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