Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In An Unrelated Item, The Queue Outside Club Genova Reaches From Duxton Rd To Chinatown

From StraitsTimes 7 Oct 2008.



Anonymous said...

Remind me not to show you my breasts when you come to Sydney. :D

expat@large said...

I'll concentrating hard on not looking. Very focussed.

Paul Lewis said...

"obscene act in a public place"

How many complaints did the police receive?

It's not like it was in the street, or a church.

I'm not sure why it is obscene?
Are the breasts themselves obscene?
Is the whipping them out movement obscene?
Is this a "community standards" thing?
If so, then maybe they should take into account the lying and cheating that goes on in the business world, and the number of mistresses men have, which is actually prostitution in most cases.
How about the hypocracy that takes place in church? I find that obscene.
This is not aimed at any particular country, everywhere needs to move with the times.

expat@large said...

So, question, is breastfeeding in a public place obscene? Secondary question: Are MEN's nipples sexual objects? The way hookers (and/or the girls in Duxton Rd) make a beeline for mine (er, Bruce's) makes me wonder. If so, why aren't they taboo?

Whipping breasts with the stems of a dozen red roses might be obscene in public to some, shrugs, but it also might depend upon who (whom?) benefited from the act? Or who (whom?) slowly licked up the drops of cherry redblood dagling from those deliciously stimulated nipples...

Ooh must stop, have urgent business to attend to...

expat@large said...

Dangling. Sigh.

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